What are your (Episode) pet peeves?

or when i see a muslim character represented right


Samee sometimes I see muslim characters background that aren’t represented right


Yess and especially when the character is wearing the hijab if it’s a female, because not all muslims don’t wear revealing clothes if that makes sense.


whenever i see a muslim character i just get excited


Yes me too!! But I feel like some writers focus the most on the muslim character’s appearance and beliefs more than other things that are important too.


thats completely true


Toxic LI
There is nothing I hate than being forced to keep on pursuing a LI that is emotional abusive to the MC. :exploding_head:


Yes I’ll have to agree !! The LI treats the MC like sh*t and then they say it’s “true love”.


Or justify it by saying “he is learning” I am not going to sit and let him treat me like sh*t, he will learn to treat people right but I ain’t going to be his punching bag :wave:t4: :running_woman:t4:


Hate - When someone gets pronouns wrong and it doesn’t make sense (by this I mean when the MC is like you can’t be in the women’s bathroom when the LI is female) when doing a female branch, looking at you episode. :eyes:

When the LI/MC finds one of them beating someone up “hot”.

When the LI is controlling and doesn’t let the MC wear anything then readers finding is cute/funny.

When the MC slut shames other girls who breathe next to the LI.

When the LI harms someone for talking to the MC.


When I get second hand embarrassment from the MC.

When the MC blames the LI for everything

(Wow that was long list wasn’t it. :thinking:)

Likes -

Cute romance.

Good spelling (I know it is hard for some so I don’t mind when people spell things wrong but I prefer when I don’t have to read over a sentence for it to make sense.)

When the MC actually does something for the LI rather than always expecting.




i agree with everything you said


I hate how in some stories the LI sleeps around and he gets label as a playboy but the girls who sleep around are slut shamed.
Like make your decision already, if you think people who sleep around are sluts the don’t only slut shame the women :woman_shrugging:t4:


I think I agree to all of these, especially the “jealous” MC/LI, like get a grip!


Hate -
– when the LI is toxic
– when the wrong pronouns are used for the character, this often happens in stories where they have the LGBT+ option
– when the directing isn’t very good (i understand it can be hard to learn directing though)
– when the author and characters have like “arguments” in the story or the author talks to the characters

Love -
– good spelling
– good directing
– funny and relatable characters
– good relationships/friendships


Yep, I read I story a long time ago where the MC literally slut shamed the LI’s assistant for “sleeping her way to the top” :face_vomiting: like girl stop being jealous because he doesn’t want to give you attention after knowing you for five minutes. And what happened to women supporting women even if she did “sleep her way to the top” is it not his fault for giving out promotions for sexual favours? I immediately exited the story, I haven’t seen it since really glad I haven’t but I bet it would have been justified with “oh but she has trust issues because of her ex…”. Oh h*ll no that is not an excuse. :woman_facepalming:


Hahahah bruh this is a killer for me. I get second hand embarrassment and awkwardness so bad, and I’ve read some stories where I really had to power through, and even contemplated just giving up on the story because I was just that embarrassed by whatever the MC did :woozy_face:

Other pet peeves:

  • horrible directing. And by this, I mean layers being messed, randomly popping on to the screen or disappearing.
  • boring story line/drug out episodes. I powered through 70 episodes of a 78 long story, but I literally cannot get myself to finish the remaining episodes because they’ve been so drug out, and in my opinion the story is over and the problem was solved, and now it’s just boring :woman_shrugging:t3:
  • unrealistically portrayed pregnancy/labor/child birth/postpartum life. I have kids of my own, and I absolutely cannot stand misrepresented child birth. It drives me nuts. The inaccuracy, unrealistic situations. I get that a lot of things might be left out anyways for the story’s sake, but if you’re gonna include that in your story, it needs to be done right. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies and cute cravings and then a random pain here and there. And not everyone acts like a psycho maniac when delivering. :eyes:

i had two all natural, med free deliveries and the only time from start to finish that I “yelled” at anyone was when I told my fiancé to stop breathing in my face.

  • common toxic traits that literally everyone else has mentioned. Physically or mentally abusive LI/MC. “i’M NoT LiKe OtHeR gIrLs omg fooooooddddd”, etc.

My last one;

  • this might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually don’t like the stories that you have to make impactful choices in, only for the end to be revealed that YOU are the problem. I like to make choices based on myself and how I know I am, and it just bothers me I get thrown that twist. I’ve genuinely enjoyed plenty of stories that do this, but it irritates me at the same time. Like I was blindly making those choices with no inkling whatsoever that there was something “wrong” with me/MC. :woman_shrugging:t3:

OH GOD I hate that so much :sob: I know people (a lot of people) that make food their whole fricking personality. sometimes I just wanna :fist_right: :grinning:


My biggest episode pet peeves are when authors romanticize stockholm syndrome or when people ONLY use eurocentric features for black people.

  • Spelling errors
    → of any kind

  • Bad/no spot directing
    → I cannot stand when I see the female characters be bigger than the male ones, this is especially noticeable at their heads, the female character has a way bigger head than the male if you don’t do spot directing). I also can’t stand when a character is spot X and then they start walking upwards into the air like ???

  • Bad layering
    → a character is huge because it’s supposed to be at the very front, but the author forgot to change the layer, and now the smaller characters are basically walking on that character’s head.

  • Poor plot and/or character development.
    → Absolutely disgusting when I see that a story is all about underage sex, everyone is 15 or the like, and can’t wait to have sex, that’s what the story is about, who screws who, who slept with whose boyfriend, who is an easy wh*re, blah blah, everybody being in a hurry to have sex ASAP and in a rush to lose their virginity. AT FIFTEEN! No, if it happens, it happens, but it’s definitely not something that should be taught or made a trend out of.
    Also considering that 15 years of age has anything to do with adulthood, 15-year-olds casually sleeping over at “their boyfriends/girlfriends”. Absolutely not normal, I don’t think that’s something that should be normalized.

  • A story without any message whatsoever
    → I really do not like it when the writer doesn’t clearly show the reader that [this] thing is good and [that] thing is bad, especially on a PG13 app. And especially when their story treats a very serious and important matter or multiple ones. Kids (because a 13-year-old is a kid, whether someone comes at me for it or not, that’s a fact, even a 15 years old is a kid) tend to see something and try to copy that, even if they’re not very young anymore. That’s why kids in schools copy the “mean girl” attitude and start bullying whoever comes their way. A story should clearly showcase that a mean girl is a shitty example and not something you would like to become or to imitate. And this is valid for many other things. It should teach the readers that no, a boy can cry and he’s not any less of a man, that a girl doesn’t have to submit to the mean girl when she picks on her, she should stand up to her, and many other examples. You should set a good example with your stories, and you should make sure that the example you are setting is clear to the reader. If you wanna show that disrespectful people are bad, but the reader ends up starting to be disrespectful because they think it’s cool after you read your story, then you did a poor job.

  • Stereotypes
    → When a story is only built on stereotypical characters. The mean girl is mean without any reason behind it whatsoever, the jock is loved by everyone without any reason (no, because he looks good isn’t a good enough reason, real life isn’t like that at all), the new girl is liked by all the boys without any reason, etc.

  • Exaggerations
    → “omg he’s Cole, the school’s bAd bOy and he’s the MOST HANDSOME GUY IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL, NEIGHBOURHOOD, CITY, OR BETTER YET, IN THE WHOLE F*CKING COUNTRY”. THERE’S NO SUCH THING. You haven’t seen ALL the boys, so can you not ???

  • Breaking the 4th wall
    → When the characters talk about being in a story, or about the author, or when the author talks to them. That’s cringe, bro.

  • Entitled characters
    → So, this especially happens to the female MCs, because let’s be honest, the majority of the MCs in Episode stories are female. But it can happen to any other female character not necessarily just the main. When they like a certain boy in the story, and they expect that boy to like them back without a question. What if he doesn’t? Then you’re going to go batshit crazy on him for not liking you back? Also some people tend to think that a boy/male character cannot say no to sex, there’s no such thing for them as a man not wanting to have sex. Many people in general, think that a guy should be grateful that a girl wants to have sex with him. Completely wrong, a guy can say no. And the female character should shut up and understand, not whine around and talk about how shitty the guy is. However this problem is rare on Episode in this obvious form, it appears more subtly, unlike in real life where people who think like this exist.
    I also saw stories where they expect the guy to read in the stars what the MC wants and the MC’s thoughts, and if he doesn’t (because it’s normal, no one can read your mind if you don’t f*cking speak), then he’s a douche. like what :joy: ???

And there are many more that do not come to mind right now.
OHHH yes, I remembered one more thing, which doesn’t happen in stories, but it happens in the community.

  • Snowflakes
    → I don’t know how else to sum up this label, so I’ll just say snowflakes. I don’t like them in any type or kind, but the ones I’m gonna mention are especially annoying and pretty unlikeable. People who read your story and then come to you to complain that a non-black character can’t have Long Voluminous Curls/Long Curl Half Updo/Medium Shoulder Curly hair. Yes, they can. I know several white people who have hair that curly and it’s natural, not curled artificially. I know blond people who have hair that curly, boys and girls. They’re all white. I know many, I even have them in my own family (absolutely no poc ascendants), so I sure as hell will make characters who are white and have hair that curly because that exists in real life. It’s not exclusively black. Of course, putting afro hair on anyone other than black is absurd (albinos excluded), I don’t support that.
    Another thing these people say is that Full Round Pouty lips don’t go on white characters. Yes, they do. No, it doesn’t mean they have fillers. Again, I myself know many white people (no, absolutely no black or poc ascendants) who have full lips like that, naturally. And I’m not the only one who knows people like that.
    I agree, Full Flat Top Pouty looks like lip fillers, and I would exclusively put those on black characters or someone with fillers, but not Full Round Pouty nor Full Round Flat Top.
    And I can say, for both the curly hair white people and the full lips white people, that they have no black ascendants, because I live in a place where there are barely any people of color in general. Because it wasn’t ever a targeted high life place, to make them come here.
    These people are very annoying, and they’re not even right in what they say.
    And I’m looking forward to get a lot of hate for this last bullet, but I don’t care, I’m just saying. I’ll stand my ground on this, so you’re wasting your breath by writing hateful replies.