What are your (Episode) pet peeves?

The ones where the author comes in and has the whole introduction:
“Hey the episodes are going to be short, and complete crap but I promise it gets better after chapter 57, also I’m sorry if my grammar is terrible and my directing sucks but I promise it will get better -Insert pointless argument with story character/narrator box- so yeah, enjoy!”

The pointless cc, “This is your 54th cousin 13 times removed, customize him” or “This is the guy who works at the coffee shop’s dad’s grandpa who died a few years ago…Customize him.” This really irks me


When is female MC is really short and looks like 12 or 13 year old and the LI is really tall. This is really annoying, not every MC in a romance or what genre of the story is in has to be really short and look like 12 or 13 year old beacuse of their height.


totally agree!


1- having a Muslim girl wearing a party dress with hijab at the bar?! (like really short skirt or short dress etc…)
2- characters that are totally ok with cheating?!
3- a story with bad outfits.
4- typical mean girls with no background stories.


All of the above! :angry:


:joy: smartest reply tbh. why waste energy to try to explain and gather all, when you can just come last and say this


Idk if this counts, but the fact that the vampire lips are of higher quality than the norm version of the lips frustrates me so much. Everytime I preview a character w the vampire lips, I get so annoyed and aggravated at the wasted quality the regular lips could’ve had :sob: it bugs me so much


I thought I was the only one who noticed this, it gets on my nerves so much, I just want good quality lips without having vampire teeth :sob:


My pet peeves on Episode.

  • Readers who can’t understand the time it takes to write chapters. I’ve ranted about this many times so I’ll say it simply here. So some of my readers demand weekly updates. It takes me 25-30 hours per episode, sometimes more, because they are around 40 minutes long. I don’t even have that much free time per week, and even if I did I sure as hell wouldn’t spend it all on Episode. I would go insane, plus I literally don’t get paid to write.
  • Readers who attack me for the way I decided to develop the plot, like it’s my story, I’ve had this planned that way since the start. If they dislike it that much they can just imagine a different universe where that didn’t happen, or just write their own story :sob:
  • When I’ve been working on a scene and my computer decides it’s a perfect time to die on me or freeze before I’ve gotten a chance to save. 50+ lines of dialogue down the drain. Then I have to remember exactly what I wrote and rewrite all of it.
  • Bad grammar and punctuation. Bad spelling is a massive pet peeve of mine, on Episode and in general. I feel like I constantly have to say to people YOU’RE = YOU ARE. YOUR = BELONGING TO YOU. THEY’RE = THEY ARE. THEIR = BELONGING TO SOMEONE ELSE. What’s so hard to grasp about that? :sweat_smile:

And when episode decided not to autosave because you have to manually save. I once exited my story that I’m writing and it didn’t save. (I thought it had autosave)


MCs in Werewolf/witch stories that are bullied in school for having purple eyes :sob:. Especially since, realistically, I feel like anyone who has that eye color would naturally be deemed as cool for having such an interesting eyecolor.


The moment you pointed this out, I was like ’ yes I never understand that wouldn’t they be cool’ and also thought, ‘why do so many stories with a eye color different do purple as the “bullied color”, there’s red, ice blue, yellow, etc.’ (I mean I would deem anyone cool if that was their natural color.


This is random… but in a story, what are things that get you annoyed when reading?


A lot of things annoy me but one thing in particular that annoys me are LIs that are plain toxic and controlling like I just hate stories which have these kind of things. Also I really get annoyed when the author comes in the story and starts dancing or doing some nonsense, the most I have seen is when the author comes and starts fighting with the MC for no reason like what-


this are my opinions

  1. CC only chapters
  2. author comeing in haveing full on conversation with characters, and/or saying sorry the story is bad
  3. The MC been mean, especially when they use the excuse my life growing us was horrible that is the reason I am as I am.
  4. the MC complaining way to much, especially if its something stupid, I especially hate MC’s who hate been rich, I think authors think making them hate been rich makes them humble, well it doesn’t, it make them sound like a spoiled brat
  5. horrible directing.
  6. info dump
  7. MC doing something completely embarrassing, I can not deal with second-hand embarrassment. I get the authors add it because its suppose to be fun, I don’t find it funny
  • poor directing
  • toxic relationships
  • mafia/vampires/most high school stories
  • when the narrator boxes are overused for exposition
  • the main plot being romance
  • when there are no subplots or the story is very flat and predictable
  • when the characters try too hard to be relatable
  • cliches

I totally stop reading a story:

  • When the first chapter is only CC;
  • The author appears in every episode of the story and takes away half or even more of the story time (I have my character in my story, but not in every episode…);
  • Black screens for narration → the game isn’t called Episode Interactive without a reason → I know it takes a lot of time to direct, but try to fill narration with another background and more animations;
  • too many mistakes in layers and directing;
  • When a mean girl or an alley creep appears I am out;
  • A story that supports toxic relationships, racism or violence against the LGBTQ+ community;
  • Too many mistakes in grammar and spelling (I am not a native English speaker, but I always check my spelling and grammar, before I publish my story/new episodes of my story).

Love A-W


When the author creates an incredibly rude, annoying, and generally unlikeable MC for us to play as, and a manipulative and terrible LI that we’re suppose to find “attractive” and fall in love with. Stories that include those type of characters make me want to slap my head with a brick.


Horrible spelling, bad grammar and punctuation. Also toxic characters.


What are some of y’all episode story pet peeves. Mine are the cliché story lines.

  • The girl falls in-love with bad guy, even though he treats her like garbage.

  • The girl falling in love with someone in like 5 business days (smh)

  • The mafia story, etc

I feel like some of these stories gets repetitive, and people are just regurgitating other people stories. There’s not uniqueness to some stories anymore.

What are y’all thoughts?