What are your Episode strengths and weaknesses?

Where do you shine? And where should you be shunned?
My shines :star: :
-Story titles
-Character names
-General story ideas/plots
My shuns :poop: :
-Writing more than 5 episodes
-Story descriptions

How about you?
Character creation?
Lurking in forums?
Story descriptions?
Story titles?


My Episode strengths:
Plot ideas

My Episode weaknesses:
Story length
Descriptions (to an extent)
Creating background characters

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Nice! My directing is subpar :frowning: background characters feel easy for me lol

My episode strengths:

  • Character creation.
  • Outfits.
  • Dialogue.
  • Lurking in forums.
  • Reviewing.
  • Directing.
  • Plot ideas/development.
  • Chapter length.
  • Story titles
  • Character development.

My episode weaknesses:

  • Gains.
  • Times choices.

Damn! :sunglasses:

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I would say my strengths are in my characters and my story.

My weaknesses are in directing and coding. I mean I can direct and code but it just takes so long for me to do.

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I hear ya :confused: its time consuming!

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  • Coming up with story pitches
  • Writing comedy
  • Writing in a different format to most episode stories (ie. more like a TV show, less like a book or movie)
  • I get told characterization so I’m going to add it here. Lol.


  • Updating regularly - I have all my ideas, it’s just the actual typing that I’m slow with.
  • Writing romance
  • Biting off more than I can chew (ie. making choices that require me to do some extensive branching hahahaha)

• decent directing
• decent grammar
• making background characters
• plotlines
• character consistency
• character relationship development
• story length
• updates (like I updated a story a year later—)

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  • directing
  • character development
  • story length
  • covers
  • dialogue
  • romance
  • plot ideas
  • plot holes
  • going back to previous chapters and changing stuff haha
  • inconsistent updates
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  • Creating Characters
  • Barely encountering writers block
  • Making overlays and edits
  • Directing
  • Establishing a distinct clothing style for characters


  • Self conscious about my story therefore hesitate to promote it
  • Finding the time
  • LAZY!
  • Doing serious scenes (cause I make a joke out of everything)
  • Forgetting about stuff I wrote about in the last episode
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I’m pretty good with snappy dialogue even if I’m saying so myself. My weakness lies within my inability to write anything that anyone other than myself finds even remotely interesting.

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Character development - I’ve been told…

Drama - I tell myself.

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Character development is tricky imo so kudos to you :hugs:I always worry if I’m doing right by them.
I’m with you on the drama, not too sure if I’m good at it lol.

Nice! Not alot of people can pull off good dialogue :ok_hand: How do you know no one else finds it interesting?

I’ve seen the numbers.

Not cliche enough? :joy:

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So none of your MCs get pregnant by a bad boy with a heart of gold who’s her college professor? tsk tsk

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My strengths :two_hearts::

  • Outfits
  • Plot
  • Directing

My weaknesses :disappointed::

  • Writer’s block
  • Probably serious scenes (like I’m pretty bad at describing how the character feels :woman_shrugging:)
  • Story descriptions
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Yay for your strengths :hugs:
Yeah serious emotions can be complex. Sometimes using the 5 stages of grief helps me!