What are your Episode strengths and weaknesses?

Yh well for me it’s kinda hard to describe those since I don’t go through them, I just don’t feel any pain or anything

I don’t really grieve, I do feel bad that someone died, but not like the sky is falling over me (it’s kinda hard to explain :woman_shrugging:), so l’m like ummm how do people deal with losing someone??

Could you make your character like you? Not s emotional?

Although I’m not that emotional of a person, I love writing emotional scenes. Especially sad ones.

I tried doing that and most of the time the scenes ended up kinda boring :sweat:

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Oooh I see, that’s interesting. :thinking: but makes it harder to write. Do you ever ask the community or thought about having a cowriter for those scenes?

Didn’t need to do that yet, I usually get inspired from books I read


OK cool, gotcha :+1:

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Oh man, hmmmm…

Episode strengths
Grammatical excellence

Episode weaknesses
Staying focused on writing lol
Deep and emotional interpersonal relationships
My ghastly fashion sense

Somehow this is also the realest thing:

I definitely do that, just go into over-exposition mode when I have a complex setting that I’ve worked for years on. I’m trying to cut a giant-ass paragraph about gender expression and its role in the universe at large, but it’s so hard. :disappointed:

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Researching and world building take time, but they’re so much fun! Research for me is usually the most interesting.
I can’t proofread my stuff after a while lol. I zone out and can’t catch things :confused:

I struggle with over-exposition myself :confused: I hope you figure out a way to do what you need to do and still get your message across.

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strengths -
i’m decent at creating outfits, names, plots (for certain genres), writing slow paced romance, most character development, grammar & punctation (in my story, not outside of it usually :joy:), describing feelings, & poetic lines imo for the age that i am.

weaknesses -
staying focused with coding long enough to actually get it done, descriptions, most titles, updating because of my motivation & how it goes back & forth, how often i want to change everything, & finding a reason for drama.

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Seeing this is making me laugh. I added two more on this list. I’m a whole ass fraud.

This is my main weakness in the episode world :joy: I- someone stop me.


Making character names
Making new plots

Romance :tired_face:
Sticking to one story
Story length
Getting distracted

Good on you for writing slow paced romance and describing feelings! I think a lot of people struggle with these :slight_smile:

Aren’t we all? :sweat_smile:

Same :frowning:



Main Characters
Background Characters
Character Names


Story Title
Story Description
Courage to publish

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My Episode Strengths:

  • Plot ideas
  • Character development
  • Chapter length
  • Dialogue
  • Art for covers or art scenes etc

My Episode Weaknesses:

  • Starting a bunch of stories and never finishing them
  • I cannot for the life of me keep my inspiration to one story at a time because I come up with way too many new ideas at once
  • Story titles (I kinda suck at it)
  • Writing a good story description that stays in the 180 characters limit

Hella relateble omg
I come up with so many new ideas which makes me inspired to write that story and then once I start writing it I come up with another idea and it’s a vicious cycle


Wish I was better with cover art/art scenes!

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Does everything count? :weary: as my weakness :sob:


Noooo lol :joy: