What are your Favorite Documentaries?

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…cause they are great.


Bully (This goes in depth about bullies and follows a young boy getting bullied.)
How To Die In Oregon (This one is very informative on the death by dignity law which is assisted suicide for the terminally ill)
The Woman Who Wasn’t There (A woman faked being in the twin tower and fooled so many people before getting discovered.)
The Falling Man (Trying to find out the identity of a man who’s picture was taken as he jumped out of the world trade center.)
There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane (A woman with a car of kids goes the wrong way on a highway. Events that lead up to the moment with in depth details.)

There are just, so many that I love.

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Ayyy glad to see this here. :joy: Cuz I have a few. including the previews as well so you guys get a better sense of the topics.

City of Gold

For people who don’t know, Jonathan Gold was a food critic of the LA Weekly and the LA Times. He passed away last year after losing his battle to pancreatic cancer. City Hall was lit up in gold to honor his birthday.
I’m an LA native, and I struggle to put in words the significant impact he had on the city. When other food critics were focused on the fine dining experiences, he drew attention to the restaurants opened by local immigrants that have been previously ignored. Because of him, a lot of those restaurants are thriving. This documentary just shows how unique and diverse my city is, and it’s probably one of the best representations of Los Angeles, in my opinion. It’s just so pure, and I know everyone misses him so much.

Get Me Roger Stone

Now for a more political one. Lol I’m as liberal as it gets, but this documentary just fascinated me. This man was everywhere. From Watergate all the way to Trump’s election. Jeffery Toobin wasn’t kidding when he said that he’s the Forrest Gump of American Politics.

The Keepers (docu-series)

I’m a true crime buff, and no brief description I bring will give this documentary justice. It’s such a heartbreaking story. I watched it with my mother. Although she’s not from Baltimore, she said a lot of the abuse that went on in this documentary, was similar to that of what went on at her high school in LA.

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

I know there’s a lot of controversy around the Netflix version because FuckJerry (the marketing team that helped make this event happen) helped produce it, but I think this version did a better job of capturing how Brian Macfarland scammed Bahamians, festival goers, his staff, and investors. The only reason I’m not suggesting the Hulu version because the entire tone felt like a Jerry Seinfeld bit “lol Millenials amirite? what’s the deal with Millenials?” and they included actually meme macros and clips from other tv shows. Though there’s room for debate about the ethics of both the Hulu and Netflix version, the Netflix verison is produced significantly better.

Abducted in plain sight and dear Zachary are both really good but I honestly love anything true crime <3

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I love true crime documentaries.
But no documentary has every made me angrier than Abducted in Plain Sight. :joy:
(It was still good though)

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Right? Such a frustrating story! But I think it was truly fascinating at the same time

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When people were telling me they wanted to break their laptop after the first five minutes, I thought they were being overly dramatic. But then I watched it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It just truly is fascinating how a man could manipulate a family the way he did.

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Yeah I went in w out knowing anything about it and… damn. It really blew my mind. Right? Its so scary tbh…

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Exposing China’s Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent

There are MANY documentaries about this, but here is one that gives a good general idea of the topic. China uses a “SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM” you are constantly monitored via face-cam, social media posts etc… Things like: criticizing the government, jaywalking, or spending too much time on the internet can make your social score drop. You lose your right to fly, rent certain hotels, buy bus tickets, etc. Its really insane… but its actually happening!

This is a MUST see!


Oooh. Saving this one for later. :eyes:

Cosmos! Space & physics related documentaries are my favorite. I’ll watch nature documentaries as well, but there’s always a chance they’ll show spiders and caterpillars and other creepy crawlies, so I’m always cautious with those.


I’m not big on documentaries but the main one I’ll always love and remember is “Sea World” like after watching what they did to those animals it turned me off from all kinds of zoos and places where they keep the animals locked up. Like I was legit crying at midnight after watching it and I’m not a huge animal person

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