What are your favorite Episode stories?

Hey guys! I see so many topics discussing story promotion, but I am curious to know what your favorite stories to read are, and why!
Feel free to share as many stories as you want, and they don’t all have to be trending stories! These can be stories that you feel are amazing but did not get recognition!

I just want to be clear, this isn’t a self promotion topic, sorry. Also, I want to use this time to say what you like about these stories to 1) give new authors an idea on what to add to their stories 2) just give a little positivity. :heart:


Personally, I have a lot of favorites but many are well known stories such as:

  • Top Streamer by @dynastywrites
  • Opening Act by @Erato
  • Finding Sunshine by @Bri_Writes_Episode on IG

And so many other fabulous stories!


My top personal favorite at the moment are


Mind Reader and Switch by @alusza.episode on IG
Dirty Sassy Teenagers and Toothbrush and Slumber Party by @lucasthewriter on IG
And my absolute favorite is Dirty Little Secrets by @cindy.gaultier on IG :heart_decoration:

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These are all fantasy stories, cause that’s my jam.

Finding Emerald by Sarah Kieser - the theme of overcoming past abuse and finding the strong woman within is very well done and inspiring.

Black Magic by ER Gurney and Sucre - it’s hilarious! I was laughing out loud the whole time. And the art scenes are gorgeous.

College of Eternity by @sophookles - intricate and detailed story with wonderful, fully-fleshed out side characters and interesting (and all separate!) LI options.

The Last of Her Kind by Renee - same as the previous story, intricate epic plot with really well-done side characters who have whole histories (and spin-offs!)

Thick as Thieves by @Spiegel.TheMirror - really interesting take on Snow White, loved the setting and all the world details.

Eternal Oblivion by @SilverLady - The way Silver Lady blends real historical events and mythology into this fantasy world is incredible! Everything in the story is so well-thought-out and beautiful. And Drew is just hysterical. All the characters have such clear and unique personalities.


I’ve been obsessing over Darkitty stories :

-Logan (Leader of the Underground [gang])

-Wanting more (vampires, witches & werewolves)
I’m a sucker for supernatural story :drooling_face::wink:

She knows how to make a story juicy while also having fun with it , I have learned a lot from her

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• Every single story written by Mary D Sava lmao she’s hands down my favorite author :relaxed: Plus as far as I know she’s the only community author that lets us have vampire teeth in customization so automatic win :joy:
• Switch by: Alusza
• Mindreader by: Alusza
•The Heirs of the Ancients by: Nicole&Andria
• Ninetail by: Day Baek
• Evident by: Piki
• Arrhythmia by: Himeji
• Black Magic by: E R Gurney
• Ghost of a Chance by: Rachel on Episode
• Galileo School of Magic (limelight male and female MC versions) by: Lee Funk
• The After by: roxanne.stories
• Foul Play (original and threeway version) by: Rayna
• We’re Screwed by: Rayna
• LIMBO by: Ali
• The Necklace by: Ambaux
• Darkest Night by: Frost King
• An Elven Legacy by: LorenBethxox
• Learning To Let Go by: Meg
• A Siren’s Prophecy by: Em_stories14
• Jekyll and Hyde by: Rene
• SUPERHERO CORP by: Tolstoyanov
• Mystery on Hanging Hill (first and second one) by: Marshmallow O
• Sora by: Chanel N
• The Stone Prince by: Jess Fox
• Darker than Night by: Grace Collins
• For Dear Life by: Medusa
• Don’t Go There by: CrystalWritesStories
• Your Silhouette by: Anya
• The Game of Fear by: Lana Rose
• Vamps and Humans (the community version NOT the official episode one) by: Episode Writer Jade

And lots more but i’m too lazy to look :rofl: Deff check them out if you get a chance i’m picky asf so if I like them you know they’re good :black_heart::smirk::wink:


Omg :pleading_face::pleading_face::heart:

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Aww… thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lol, me too! I’m probably one of the pickiest readers out there. :joy::rofl:


I’d suggest: Sprint by Licorice and Logan by Darkitty. :ok_hand:t3:
And they’re probably the only ones I’d recommend right now. Like I said… I’m ridiculously picky. :joy::rofl:


You’re welcome :blush: Glad i’m not the only one tho cause I swear sometimes I feel like i’m the pickiest reader on planet earth :rofl::skull:

  • Gold Leaf High by @MTB
  • Kiss List by @mariam.stories
  • Fiance for Hire by @JJ.Author
  • Spilled Love Potion by Ana Stacy
  • The old version of Beyond the Stage by Andrea Elle
  • I Wanna Be Evil by Hanna K.M.

Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart:

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Rule Breaker - Sandra Gustaffson
Hit and Run - Elise C.
Play with Fire - E R Gurney
Operation Quarterback - Layton Beckett

  1. I Despise You by Costa <— I’ve read it 3 times now (and in the process of reading it a 4th time), and the humor never gets old. I think I read it the first time when I was new to Episode, around 2017. It holds a special place in my heart.

  2. Someone Else’s Hero by Nala <— Man, the emotions! I love historical fiction, and the spot directing made me feel so immersed.

  3. Times Square by Janine Dela Cruz <— The characters are great, and I enjoyed the sequel a lot, too.

  4. Dirty Sassy Teenagers by Lucas - What a ride. I love Lucas’ short stories as well.


Liar by sugarfoot stories
The Royal Monster by Rima
Between her and me by Nat C.
Mr Cohen by Darkitty
Rising Star by Cher
Medicine for my heart by Nina
Our crazy love by LCH
Working for my baby daddy by Kashee.
Newfound Passion by jordyn
Memories and Miracles by teri hayes
Fiancée for hire by JJ
Mafia in Manhattan by Samantha Louise
My big fat fake engagement by Juju
Rockstar Roommate by Anastasia S.
Never Mine by Ivy.
The sweetest compromise by Deve.
King’s butterfly by Ella&Hayden.
Fighting for love by georgia <3.
American God by Deve
Built for revenge by stephania.
The Romanoffs by Nicole Writes.


I’m really happy to hear that! :blush: :pray:

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Thank you so muchhh :pleading_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartpulse: :two_hearts:

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