What are your favorite stories on Episode?


Hello there, what are your fav episode stories? I’m new here btw:)


Haunted : Take Me Home (Horror) by Ruby L Lee
Answer Me (Adult Read) by Pottercreep
Alien Patrol (Comedy) by Beppy

Hi ^ these are my top three stories


Hey , welcome :wink: to crazy forum of ours
My favourite story🤔
Iet me goto my app real quickly


Happenstance, Your Secret Admirer, 14 Months, Santa’s Naughty List, Maybe Someday & A Beautiful Chaos are all amazing


Adrenaline is soooo freaking amazing!!!


Thanks for answering!


I just started reading it!


it is deffo worth all of your passes


Okay, I will definetly read them. Thank youu xxx


I am back :wink:
Suggestions :
Falling for winter
Who’s there?
Adventure away: Elythia
I hate zombies
Have you seen Monday
Faceless world
Let’s play pretend


If you’re looking for something to read, i’d love it if you could read my story, called Hale Huna


hello, i love dirty little secrets, and envy, for now


My favorites are
My Psycho
Living With The Vampire Brothers
Both Written bye bukii


Thank you girlll!


I’m gonna read it now xxx


ah thank you xoxo


:upside_down_face:those are my favourite one :wink: hope you enjoy them


Four Kingdoms
Karma Rose
The Strength In Me


Probably the New Girl