What are your favorite types of stories?

Hello everyone! I am really curious to know what types of stories have you been enjoying the most. Do you like mostly the mafia ones? vampires? career/job related? college stories? werewolves? or something else… What do u prefer the most? (you can also say what you dislike)

Update: I didn’t except that most of you in a matter of barely 5 minutes would say that you don’t like the gang related ones. I thought they were the most loved because i can barely find stories these days that are not related to mafia and illegal stuff. :joy: (just for the record, i’m not saying that i dont like them, i do but not always, it all depends on the author)


Yeah, huge NO. A lot of people can disagree, and some can agree depending on how the story is portrayed.

Yes!!! I love these!!

Stories that are my fav are:

  • Family Stories
  • LGBTQ+ Stories
  • Stories that raise awareness to anything like illness, etc.
  • Stories that have vampires, werewolfs, witches, elfs, etc.
  • Stories that takes place back in history, aka historical stories.
  • Sports stories.
  • Animal stories.
  • Stories that have Plus Size MCs, and Male MCs.
  • Stories that DOES NOT HAVE ROMANCE.
  • Stories that gives life lessons.
  • Stories that have pirates, etc.
  • Stories that have comedy and good comedy. XD
  • Sci-fi stories.
  • Superhero Stories
  • Spy Stories



Non gang related romance. :+1: With no controlling LI.
And the characters are adults.


firstly I enjoy a well written and directed stories, with charaters there have personality,

els I mostly like fantasy stories, no vampires or wherewolf. I want full on fantasy adventure.

I do like romance stories, but I dont like slice of life,(aka college, work, reality)

I like enimies to lovers trope, or forbidden romance,

lots of choices there matter,

I like adult charaters, I am myself 25, so it just feels wrong if the love interest is 16. or something like that.


That’s a really interesting uncommon point that I’ve never thought about, thank you for mentioning it!


Nope. Anything that romanticizes smth dangerous/toxic is a big NO for me, I despise them, especially when they’re in the romance genre.

Nah, they’re usually romanticizing being bitten by a vampire which is pretty gross + they’re all pretty similar & boring after u’ve read a few.

Well, I like these far more than high school stories, I love competition in the work place & work enemies kinda stories they’re my fav :fire:

Nah, tbh I find them weird. Especially when the Li is a wolf :face_with_monocle:

Soooo most of all, I love stories abt competitive enemies in the work place bc I love the growing tension between them, literally the best. Friends to lovers stories r overused but a dirty pleasure of mine that I secretly adore. As long as the Li isn’t a total a** & the mc is well developed, I’m in. Pregnancy is also a no no for me bc I don’t want kids, however, as long as a story isn’t problematic/harmful/triggering to ppl, I’ll read it. Also, good grammar is vital for me :white_heart:


yeah I just find it creepy, even though I live in a country where age of consent is 16,


sorry but none of your examples are my cup of tea, most of them are turn-offs for me. here are my lists of things i hate and things i love

Things i like
  • Slow burn romance,
  • Family stories,
  • stories with point system and multiple li’s who I can chose who to spend time with and end up with,
  • LI’s who are roughly the same age, the li should not be 15 years older than the MC.
  • stories where choices are important
  • stories where there is a Spotify playlist or an apple music playlist to listen to as I play
  • Friends to lovers, it is overused but yet adorable!
  • enemies to lovers, I just find them hilarious
  • sweet, realistic story
  • good grammar
Things i hate
  • bad grammar
  • lots of misspelled words
  • trauma, abuse, rape
  • teen pregnancies,
  • stories where author’s obviously haven’t done any research
  • most vampire, werewolf, witch, and alien stories. They are just boring and repetitive.
  • stories that are racist or discriminatory
  • stories that only use, @/character enters from right to screen right. it’s not hard to use spot directing,
  • mafia stories, i loathe em, absolutely loathe em. killers are not sexy! Killers are killers who should go to jail at least!
  • stories that force the author’s political opinion down our throats. Please keep your opinion to yourself.

My favorites are college ones, and job/career ones
I’m also reading a story about a young single mother, raising a 6 year old, it’s a really good story
Idk if I have a specific preference, it really just depends on how well the story is laid out, and what the story is about.


• Reality TV stories ( I LOVE THESE STORIES! )
• Fantasy stories
• Stories with witches, vampire and fairies or where you turn into animal like a swan or wolf.
• Stories where the MC is bisexual.
( My Episode character bisexual)
• Comedy stories
• Mystery Stories
• Family stories
• Rockstar or Popstar stories
• Drama stories

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  • Romance (but not the overly cringy sexual stuff) :heart:
  • Comedy! I’m a huge sucker for comedy! :speaking_head:
  • Drama :see_no_evil:
  • LGBTQ :rainbow_flag:
  • Hollywood stories :star:
  • Fantasy! (Anything other then wolves, vamps, witches & sci-fi all excluded) :sparkles:
  • Mystery/Thriller! :mag:
  • Action/Adventure! :bomb:


  • MC is powerful in general (fantasy, action, mafia)
  • LI & MC friendship → realtionships
  • Emotional stories (deaths, unexpected twists)
  • Teen MC’s/LI (NO TEACHER + STUDENT. viubwaivbnal) - I’m young so it’s relatable imo
  • Subtle to Sarcastic to Dark humor are my favorite types of comedy stories to read!
  • Drama involving rivalry with close ones instead of the cliche bad “blonde” girl
  • LGBTQ stories where you can select no presences as a LI
  • Hollywood stories - Being a famous actress/singer (and then some drama obviously)
  • Fantasy with superhero unnatural, immortals, experimented on etc.
  • Mystery with incredible directing + the twists!
  • Thriller stories that make me want to turn my volume down!
  • Action/Adventure stories where the MC has to do some huge ___ and gets ___ at the end.

What do you mean “author’s poticial opinion”? And what’s this “please keep your opinion to yourself”? I’m just wondering that all.

As in, if the whole way thru the story, the author is showing a strong political view. Bc an author shouldn’t b trying to influence their young readers on certain topics like religion, politics whatever. Bc it’s unethical to influence teens thru ur writing.

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OK I get it now.

This one really seems interesting! is it “its just an illusion”? if not then can u tell me what’s it’s name?

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Yeah sure, I’ll PM you :blush:

I really love fantasy and adventure stories. Mysteries are also great. Still, I’ll read basically anything with a strong mc