What are your favourite comedy stories?

And is it just me who feels like comedy works so much better with Ink style?
Anyway, what are some of your favourite comedy stories that are actually funny?

I’ll start: my favourite, and one of my favourites of all the genres, has got to be “I Despise You”. It’s quite well known, but I really, really love this story; not only is it laugh out loud hilarious, the characters are so complex, and weirdly inspiring. They have a lot of depth, and the story does too; even though it’s hilarious, it’s more than just comedy. Never thought I’d get so emotional about a comedy episode story but I feel strongly attached to this one!

So, what comedy stories do you guys love?


Oh, I agree about comedy working better with ink. There’s something about it that just clicks. My top 3 fave comedy stories would have to be Pyschology 101 by Annie Edison, The Trials of Suburbia by TORIAH and Dirty Sexy Teenagers by Lucky


I won’t use this as an excuse to promote my own, but I always like the Mean Girls series. And the dating contest one (can’t remember the name).

Sunflower by Janine Dela Cruz

The Host Family and The Group Project by KW

Dear Cherie and Trials of Suburbia by TORIAH

Swap, Confessions of a 40 yo Bad Boy and A Guide To Being A Wife by Hanna KM

All great ink comedies :smiley:

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I love INK comedies and I Despise You is one of my favourites too. My new favourite is Pick Your Poison by Amberose, you should check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Some other stories I’d recommend:

  • Have You Seen Monday? by Ruby L. Lee
  • Cool Fools by Tina
  • Bad Cops by Merlin
  • Ticket to Heaven by Love S.
  • WHY TODAY? by nuzhat (it’s in action, but it’s pretty funny too)

This is exactly how I feel! Animations in ink make the comedy way much better to read😋 ‘I Despise You’ is my favourite too! And all of Kayla Sloans’ stories!


Ugh, yes!!! Kayla Sloans is the LITERAL QUEEN of comedy!


Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee
One of the girls by Amberose


Most of my favorites were already mentioned, but to add to the list:

Linked and Meet the Mendozas by Ariel C
Challenge accepted by Annie Edison
Back to Basics by Fluffy Rice

And yes, comedy definitely works better in ink. Maybe it’s because most of the comedy stories I’ve read are in ink?


How to be funny - Kayla Sloans
Devil Roomate - Kayla Sloans
Infamous - Kayla Sloans
War Dogs - Kayla Sloans
So, we’re adults now? - neveah
Raising Daisy - LizChrisWrites


I absolutely love War Dogs! One of my favourites XD

Legally Clueless by Charlie, it’s also one of my top 5 stories ever


I agree!

Infamous is so good! I’ll have to check out the others : )

Yay, thank you!

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Love you Annie! :heart:

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Dating Games?

  • Challenge Accepted by @Annieways
  • Pick Your Poison by @amberose
  • Penny For Your Thoughts by Didi
  • Becoming Queen Bee by Bronte
  • Dirty Sexy Teenagers by Lucky
  • Confessions of a Female Jock by QueenIvy

Thank you


You’re welcome :slight_smile: