What are your favourite Episode animations?

What are your favourite animations on Episode?

Mine are:

  • Angry marching
  • Waving arms in the air
  • Character fainting
  • Pointing
  • Quotation marks
  • Eye roll
  • Slap
  • Punch
  • Eating pizza
  • Primp
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Eating duh :joy:
But also hugs, kisses, talk happy smile, reassuring

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I think my favorite is the sing_embarrased, It’s so cute and funny

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There’s a topic here: What’s your favorite animation? :heart:

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fingersnap in INK the face they pull after, Just cracks me up :joy:



flirt_wink,yawn_tired and shush cause the the look on the face is really funny :joy::joy::joy:

same :joy::joy:

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Air quotes is one of my faves, and sit react confused has the best face

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Haha same. I love the finger quotation marks so much because that animation is so me hahaha!!!