What are your favourite new episode stories?

I want to get into reading some new stories so comment your favourite INK stories below, (haha sorry but i’m very much an ink person)

Also underrated stories are great!


Here are my favorite stories on episodes:
2)The Supernatural family
3)The Agent Cinderella
4)The lost Princess
5)Half Demon Half Angel
6)Glitch Girl


Necromancers, Careful, Twisted

Faded Pages
Believe Me
Clumsy Super Girl

Escaping my end

  1. Living a Dream LL
  2. A Little More Me
  3. My First Everything

Well my story is called Necromancers u can give it a try u want and so far in INK I like one last time by my frnd Rimsha

I don’t read much ink , due to the of lack of diversity

But here’s my faves

Bubblegum by Sarah Dove
Attracted to the Nerd by Zen Brady
War Dogs by Kayla Soans
& Penny For Your Thoughts by Didi


I just started reading this but Luxurious by Epy.Food

  • Pick Your Poison by Amberose
  • Psychology 101 by Annie Edison
  • Tell Me About Me by Laur
  • Cool Fools by Tina
  • All of Sofia Ceri stories
  • Confessions of a Female Jock by QueenIvy
  • Five More Minutes by Kylie M
  • Expired by Nicole Avory
  • Friends Without Benefits by Rene_writes
  • Linked by Ariel C
  • The Indigenous by Mickel

If you’re asking about new stories, I have just published first 3 chapters of Burning Flames :smiley:


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Curse of the Island - it focuses on Greek mythology!

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