What are your favourite tattoos and piercings?

My new story will let you choose between no tattoos or a choice of 2 tattoos. Same for piercings. So, what are your favourite tattoos and piercings? Male and female. Go.

(also glasses if you have any favourites)

Female = Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid & Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Male = Full Body Tribal Skull Lace Ink Black & Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Both = Nose Stud Silver

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I can’t choose one tattoo it depends on the character and the story line in my opinion.
My favourite earring however is the eyebrow earring.


Yes, I have a couple of characters and will choose the final 2 to provide based on personalities. Just trying to get an idea of which are people’s favourites.


@Matilda_the_lovely, I would recommend using this thread to find the most popular then use the most popular instead of a choice, it would be better to have a tattoo with meaning instead of just being there as a choice (:

Thanks, but I’ve decided to add this as part of the customisation.

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Okie, I support whatever you choose (:

Lol, thanks.
I appreciate the feedback and the support.

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You’re welcome (:

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