What are your fears? Your nightmares?

I have to do multiple assignments showing people’s nightmares which can be fears too, I would appreciate if u guys could write what stuff u scared of or about your nightmares :blush: It would help me a lot


Now, I’m teased of being afraid of heights.

I’m truly not.

I’m scared of falling.

I was in the CN Tower, part of the floor is glass, and I was scared to walk on it because I was scared it would collapse. I mean, I did after a while, and it was fine, but…

(Just to show so that you don’t think I’m a baby)


Thx, and bruh I would never walk in that thing :skull_and_crossbones:


zombies coming into life
I’ve watched too many zombie movies :confounded:


I am personally afraid of being alone, specifically in a life treating situation. I am very clingy in those types of situations. For example being alone on an island, I would rather have someone by my side or even a shooting, I would want someone by my side at all times and without someone i would probably just get anxious and have a panic attack

Oh yeah im also scared of haunted dolls that shit is scary


My fears are weird :sweat_smile:

My first fear would be claustrophobia
I hate tight spaces with all my heart.

My worse fear is being in a tight place and I’m not alone, someone is there with me.

My next fear is Underwater cave diving.
(Also close with claustrophobia)

I really love swimming, I really do.
The water is my second home.

And I’m not even scared of the deep waters like really dark holes or dark pits in the ocean.

No, I’m just really afraid of cave diving.


I read an article and watched a video, it was about a cave diver who was exploring a cave underwater, and died there.
His friend went to retrieve his body so his family could have some clousre.

He went down in the cave and saw his friend, he untangled all the ropes (tried his best)
It was said the friends body did some sort of mummification
Both men were presumed dead
But they successfully got them both out safely


I will not say any more I just really hate planes, to people who say they love planes and there’s nothing wrong with it.
I get it, but it really scares me

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  • I deal with really bad intrusive thoughts, so I have an irrational fear of hurting those around me.

  • I’m really scared of clowns. :joy: There was that whole clown incident a few years ago, and it took a huge toll on me.

  • I’m claustrophobic. I can’t be in tight spaces or it’ll literally feel like the walls are closing in on me.

  • I fear of getting in a car crash. Obviously everyone deals with this, but I was shown a video in driver’s ed that contained images and videos of dead people. It’s meant to promote safe driving, but it really scared me. I’m 17 without a driver’s license for this exact reason. I drive with a permit no more 5-10 minutes away from home because that’s how bad the fear it is. It really interferes with my life, especially if my parents are driving on the highway with me in the car.

  • Fear of drowning. This one is probably because I can’t swim. It’s also rooted from me falling off an innertube when I was 6. I had a life jacket, but the tube went over my head and I couldn’t get out.

  1. I had a nightmare that I was surrounded by people who eat brains, which in hindsight doesn’t sound that bad, but the dream went into extreme details and liberties. Like, they literally cut off the top of the dude’s head and were carving his brain out.

  2. There was a dream in second grade where WW3 was happening and they were executing people. My family was lined up on a tall granite wall and had to hop off of it to their deaths. It was pretty gruesome, and I stood on a parallel wall watching it all go down.

  3. I have Hunger Games dreams a lot, not gonna lie. :joy: I typically wake up when I die or get stabbed or something.


I used to be afraid of being alone but I got over that when I went into a dark place alone and had to pull myself back out (and now I like chilling alone it’s more peaceful tbh)

I’m afraid of commitment (well that’s what people say) even though really I’m more afraid to be the only one committing

I’m afraid of talking to people mainly making phone calls I feel like people don’t really wanna talk to me or they’re getting annoyed with me


I rarely have nightmares (I have like three dream catchers in my room lmao)

One nightmare I had was there was a break in in our house and my dad was shot it was so terrifying and my dad wasn’t even home from work yet so I was up for hours and had to go to school the next day (my dad came home and was fine we talked about my nightmare and I felt better and he kept checking on me the rest of the night so I was fine it just scared me)

Another nightmare I had my family was taken away from me and locked up in a tower (which may sound dumb but family means a lot to me and I’d rather die then lose them so it was terrifying) I woke up sweating but I got up and got some water then laid back down and was fine)

In conclusion I care about my family a lot and if anything happened to them I don’t know how I would survive they literally mean the world to me

it’s super embarrasing but I’m afraid of the dark


One of my biggest physical fears would have to be spiders. My arachnophobia is out of this world. :grimacing:

Kind of unrelated, but I once had a dream that there were these witches chasing me and could only kill you with laser guns once you were in the back of their car. If you were in the front, you were safe. The fun thing was that this was a recurring dream, so I remembered and ran out of their car once I realised and my sister quickly followed suit. I wonder what that means… :eyes::thinking: I also had one where the people in my town were trying to burn me for witchcraft. Needless to say, they succeeded.


I saw a video about that article :relieved:

I was thinking about making the drawing about spiders coming out from someone mouth and eyes :see_no_evil: thx for helping

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Ooooooooo! That would be so cool… and creepy. :eyes::flushed:

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My fears are height and cockroach or flying cockroach


My nightmare was a killer was chasing me and he wanted to kill me. I ran through the forest, thought it was safe place escape from him. I ran to the dead end of the cliff, I stopped and looked down how scary down there, I was about to walk back, but the killer pushed me off and I fall off of the cliff. I was screaming and panicking at the same time, I was hit down the ground and that’s how I woke up from that nightmare.

I’d get lots of nightmares about giant Cockroach chasing me like zombie does and wanted to bite me.

The worst part was giant flying cockroach come after me and pick me up with their disgusting hands!

Not only that, I got tied up and was locked up in some box and someone threw a bunch of cockroaches at me before they locked it. I was trapped and screaming crazily.

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Cockroaches are the worse :sneezing_face: I don’t think I will be able to even look at it and draw it

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Yeah, they are the worse! :expressionless: I don’t like looking at them either or even look at picture :nauseated_face:

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I’m scared of clowns I literally hate them I was not scared before but when I was five I went to a circus and when the show was done we were leaving the clown thought I was cute little girl so he was coming to hug me he was so… tall he was literally running towards me I started to freak out and then when he hugged me I started crying :joy:
I got nightmares about him running after me and killing me
Well after watching both IT and IT CHAPTER 2 when I was in 8th grade and in 9th grade I got all those old memories back and I started to have nightmares again now I’m fine and I hope I don’t have any nightmares about him again…

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Worst fear is a frog jumping on me (I REALLY HATE FROGS), or being eaten alive (just the thought of being chewed up couldn’t imagine a worse way to die).

Also really afraid of dying childless or alone. Doubt that will happen but the thought of that is very scary to me.


Last nightmare I had though was just about a giant T-Rex that scientist brought to life that obviously ate people. I was in the U.S. in the dream but I could see it in the distance (although it was in South America {even though in my dream south america was where Africa was} ). Obviously I wasnt in its presence but I remember somehow being able to see it pick up people and…well…you know

Most of my bad dreams however arent nightmares they just are unsettling scenarios about things I’ve been stressed out about


I always had nightmares where I’m with a people, like my family, but I go to do something or turn my back. When I go to look back at them they’re not there and I’m just alone. So I definitely have a fear of people leaving me.

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One of my biggest fears is death/losing loved ones. Unfortunately 2020 has been a year full of facing those fears for me :pensive: 4 deaths in my family all topped off with the unexpected death of my best friend/boyfriend in May :broken_heart: