What are your feelings/thoughts/habits while writing?


Just curious as to what other’s feel during the writing process.
This can be writing in Episode or just writing overall.

*Changing genres
*Using the portal
*Stress levels
*Favorite parts
*Grammar woes

For me:
1-It’s a constant worry that my stories won’t be interesting.
2-Insecure about my spot directing. Always think it looks stupid.
3-I enjoy creating WAYYYYY too many goddamn outfits.
4-Impatient Weds-Fri to see what Episode will announce.
5-I write too much dialogue when I’m in the zone then feel disappointed when I have to cut back.
6-I dislike using Episode characters for my covers. Will use them only if necessary!
7-Aggressively deletes “beautiful” (suddenly blurry) backgrounds that I wanted for my story.
8-Drink coffee.
9-Ignore boyfriend 2-4hrs.
10-Dramatically groans when I still haven’t reached the 1,000th line!

P.S. Stress levels medium, portal is okay to use, grammar is iight.

And you?


This is 100% me, minus the boyfriend part :unamused:


Ignore other important people in your life for 2-4hrs? lol


lmao i do that on the daily, not just when writing. probably the reason why i don’t have a boyfriend :sweat_smile:


:joy: Who needs people? lol. I got my bf on a fluke and there’s a no return policy.


Writing on Episode made me realize I have serious concentration issues, because I only feel like writing when I’m supposed to do something else.

During work:

  • what I think I will do: write down an idea quickly, then go back to work
  • what I actually do: write and direct a whole scene then do some work stuff for a few minutes then go back writing the next scene

After work, when I actually have time to write:

  • write about 20 lines of dialogues then start thinking about things like what to eat for dinner, what to do at the weekend, what is the meaning of life… And “hey, when was the last time I washed that curtain?! Boy it looks so dirty!”

When it’s time to sleep:

  • what I think I will do: write down an idea quickly, just to make sure I won’t forget it by the morning
  • what I actually do: stay up till 3 a.m., create 50 new outfits I will never use and arrange all the speech bubbles into their correct spot


This is usually how my time goes when I am supposed to work on my episode:

-Five minutes choosing what music to hear next.
-Another five minutes drinking/eating/checking the phone.
-Fifteen minutes replying to my girlfriend.
-Five minutes checking my notebook with all the directing tips that I’ve found.
-Ten minutes obsessively checking the new posts on forum, trying to find someone to help.
-Twenty minutes/Half an hour spacing out about what will come next into my story.
-Five minutes wondering what is Rick’s secret. (And I know that a fan found it out, but I do not want to spoil me.)
-Ten minutes trying to find someone for my cover.
-Twenty minutes working.


So I usually do my writing while I’m at work and it basically goes like this…

  • Drive to work
  • Do actual work for like 5 minutes
  • Go on forums
  • Comment on basically every thread for half an hour
  • Make myself a tea and get in the zone for solid writing time
  • Check my other stories in the writer portal to see if I’ve got any new reads
  • What? A fanmail? It can’t be. Oh my, I better read and reply ASAP
  • Work phone rings, have to go back to doing actual work for 10 minutes
  • Go back to stalking my other stories to see if I got anymore reads in that 10 minutes
  • Start writing, get in the zone, going well.
  • Karen from accounts wants to talk now, so have to minimize my screen
  • She’s usually complaining and this takes half an hour
  • Get back to writing
  • Change a billion things in an already written scene
  • Decide I want a specific background or overlay
  • Stalk people’s drives - no one has it
  • Decide I can make it myself
  • Realize I can’t
  • Start working on a different story since I can’t find that overlay or background and it’s pissing me off.
  • Maybe I should check forums again…
  • Maybe I should check my reads counts again…
  • Back to forums…
  • Ok, should seriously write something now.
  • Start writing for what feels like 5 seconds and then it’s home time.

Once home…

  • Damn, I was really getting somewhere. Open laptop with the intention to start, but then clicks on the community tab and ends up on the forums
  • Has to stop to have dinner and a shower and regular stuff.
  • Starts writing, going well, actually making progress…
  • Gets to some kind of complex branch… switches back to other story…
  • Get sad about that freaking overlay/background that I still can’t find
  • Goes to forums
  • Sees a post similar to this which somehow makes me determined to finally code the scene I was avoiding
  • Goes back to story, codes annoying scene like a boss
  • Then gets sleepy

Rinse and repeat.

  • I get overwhelmed by literally anything that happens way too easily when I’m writing. A loud noise outside 90% of the time? No big deal. A loud noise outside when I’m writing? Huge problem, I can’t deal with it or focus on everything. On that side, please don’t double text when I’m writing for the love of all that is good.
  • I procrastinate all the time. I’m procrastinating right now.
  • Pixabay? More like Pixabae, am I right fellow custom background users?
  • Sets myself up for way too much branching
  • Accidentally giving my story way too many endings (the one I’m working on right now has over 15 potential endings)
  • Texting my girlfriend the entire time
  • “Wow I just thought of this choice that would have been great if I’d thought of it two episodes ago.”
  • “What genre IS this, anyway?”
  • Forgetting all of my flags
  • “I’m not sure if I’m actually going to write this story,” I said while uploading 200 backgrounds and overlays for the story.
  • Gets ideas for a bunch of other stories when I told myself I’d work on this specific one
  • Okay now I’m serious about wri- oh look, Instagram!

  • Starts to write writes for like an hour thinking it’s really good then get’s bored and does something else and then comes back to it thinking: What is this disgusting thing? Delete delete delete

  • Goes on forums for only like: 5 mins… When in reality I’m on there for an hour or 2.

  • Swings on my swing in my backyard and work out a few story details that I don’t write down and will forget

  • Finally start writing and start writing good stuff- THEN have the urge to swing

  • Swing

  • Wants to go back to writing but is very bored

  • Watches other stories for “inspiration” -when really I’m thinking: How did you get those views so fast

  • Does something else forgetting about episode

  • Goes to sleep hoping to accomplish something with my writing

  • And repeat


I get distracted by literally everything.
Oh, why I don’t I improve my math since I failed the last two years? Oh, is my girlfriend awake? By do I have some tea to spill to her… hm, I wonder what show I could binge watch? This story isn’t hat good. I’m gonna quit. Oohhh but I want to read it… I’m tired. Let me make some coffee… or some tea. Hey, is that a recipe on the counter? Bitch it’s time to bake? Hmm… I haven’t messed with MMD for a while. I think it’s taunting me…


Congrats on your reads!


Thank you :heartpulse::sneezing_face:


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Whoops! Sorry and thank you!


Listening to music (albums, or singles.)
Getting frustrated when I can’t write on my phone.
Creating 10-30 different outfits for different characters (which I also lowkey enjoy.)
Needing to create background characters.
Making my own clothing choice template Which is hard as fuck.
Drinking lots of water.
Getting pissed when there’s somehow more female characters than male characters.
Also insecure about my spot directing.
Screams when I’m dissatisfied with the length of my episode.
The fact that I have to revamp all of my episodes to make it not so cliché.
Enjoying my music so much that I forget what I was going to write.
Having writer’s block. A pain in the ass.
Having to think of and create different backgrounds and stories for my characters to make them seem realistic. It’s mandatory, okay?!
Creating or editing characters on my phone.
When I have a sudden burst of creativity, and write so much, then feel disappointed, and then get pissed off and cry when I’ve seen that I wrote some really random shit.
Ignore family for 1 hour or less.
Waiting for hours or days for my neat ass backgrounds to be approved.
Waiting impatiently for Episode Portal updates, and to check if it affects how I write my story.
Focusing too much on one story and forgetting to write the other one.
Having to search the whole damn Internet for customization templates, because my school computers don’t allow copy and paste off of Google Docs.
When my spark of creativity runs out.
Due to my supposed ADHD, I lose concentration easily.
Placing overlays. The fact that my custom overlays have to be animated to be placed in the perfect spot…
Overworking myself. I missed my last day of Songwriting class after school because I always stay until 4:30 PM to work on Cruelty of Ice. The work paid off, I guess…
My friend asked, “Isn’t Episode for people who don’t have a life?” My response: “You know I don’t have one. But isn’t Black Pink for people who still haven’t gotten over 2NE1 disbanding and need a copycat group to cope?”
Choosing the right music to listen to, so that I don’t lose focus.

(And: Stress levels medium, Portal is great to use, grammar is pretty good. I do most of my story at school, when I’m alone at home, or wherever a computer is available.)


Love it lol!


Which part? I ranted a bit…


All of it, but especially writer’s block, creating backgrounds, and revamping to avoid cliches. I feel you on those :joy:


You’ve overworked yourself before?