What are your feelings/thoughts/habits while writing?


I’ve been thinking about entering a contest, but I’m not confident enough in my writing abilities!


Same, I’m not a fast typer or I want to do too much. I am trying to enter the new contest since I wont be using magical overlays this time lol. We’ll see how that goes :confused: Hopefully one day there’ll be a contest that you enter in :laughing:


Thanks. I hope the same for you!


On workdays:

  • Goes to work… can’t wait to get off work to write this fantastic scene I have in my head!

  • Gets stressed at work… OMG, maybe Mia in my story can go through something similar… nah, I’m too stressed and upset to write tonight.

  • Has a headache before leaving work… now my head hurts too much to write.

  • When there’s no headache: Stares at the writer’s portal for five minutes… um, why did I even write this scene yesterday?! Now I have no idea how to continue it.

  • Ooh, finally, I got inspired! Starts writing like crazy for an hour, but it’s time to get ready to go to sleep right when I’ve reached the climax of that awesome scene.

On weekends/vacations/work holidays:

  • I always get inspired when I write at the coffee shop… I’m taking my laptop and going there to write!

  • At the coffee shop… WRITER’S PORTAL NOT WORKING!! AHHHH!!

  • At home… blah, it’s 12:00 at noon, I don’t feel like writing.

Any day:

  • Hmmm… I need a custom background here. (Searches Internet for background in mind, finds nothing…) Ooh this looks like what I’m picturing! Let me click on it… what?! 500x500 pixels… that’s too small. :frowning: Oh, how about this one? Nah, it’s watermarked and copyrighted. Let’s check the Episode art catalog again, I guess something there will have to do for now.

  • How would that character respond in this situation? I need to ‘interview’ the real-life version of him, maybe I can get some inspiration that way…

  • I can’t write without a snack! (Goes to kitchen to prepare a snack)

  • People don’t read stories without customization… should I add it? (Starts to copy/paste customization template) No, it’s too late in this story to add it now, and plus, there are dialogues referring to my character’s appearance. In my next story, I’ll add it.

  • How about an overlay here? (Spends an hour looking for overlays) No, wait, it doesn’t look right. I’ll just take it out.

  • No one commented that last awesome chapter I published… does my writing really suck?

  • Checks the forums while I’m supposed to be writing… writes a long reply to a post…


I literally do this when it comes to writing chapters:

(usually I am talking on Skype with my boyfriend the whole time lol)

  1. Wonder if I can do it.
  2. Boyfriend encourages me.
  3. Thinking If I am wasting my time.
  4. Start scripting.
  5. Progress the chapter down by 50 lines.
  6. Get hungry lol :grin:
  7. Eat
  8. Spend time with boyfriend.
  9. Start working on my story again.
  10. Spend more time with my boyfriend.
  11. Complain to him I can’t reach my goal if I keep stopping.
  12. Start writing again and stop when I get down 50 more lines.
  13. Get hungry again lol :joy:
  14. Eat while I continue my story.

It usually happens in this order lol :joy:


This made me laugh :joy::joy::joy: You can do it by the way :slight_smile: It’s great that your bf is being supportive too! keep writing :purple_heart:


You sound just like Brain Griffin… shook! :heart:


When I’m writing a story:

  • I’m constantly improvising/changing scenes/dialogs to make it more interesting. :thinking:

  • Procrastinating. Cause when I’m doing other stuff like taking shower, running errands, etc. I get great ideas/dialog/scenes but when I actually sit to write, I’m blank, it’s already forgotten :persevere:

  • Work on new edits (for my sake) :writing_hand:

  • Get distracted

  • Check and listen to all sound and music options for fun :microphone::notes:

  • Annoy Mom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Get annoyed by brother :rage:

  • Get notification on forum, instantly leave writing and check forum. :hugs:

  • Get tired and finally shut laptop off and sleep. :sleeping:

  • Usually, I write down what I want in my story and it is pretty thorough (I have even written these in Episode directing lingo - I am so sad :joy::sweat_smile:)

  • Music, poetry I have personally written and poetry I enjoy helps inspire me.

  • Sometimes going for a run helps me get a bunch of ideas and boosts my creativity

  • Do I get distracted? Um yes, guess what I am meant to be writing up a pilot for a story and here I am :joy::sweat_smile:

  • Usually I can get a decent amount done when I put my mind to it (lol) and sometimes I check out if my reads increased on my story :joy:

  • Random fact but nearly cried because I was listening to sad music to get me in the mindset for the story I am writing :joy::joy::joy:


Haha, I wish!


i always listen to music while writing but i tend to always tell myself “its not good enough” so i add on to it and the reread it alot haha :woman_shrugging:


I procrastinate, I get pretty distracted easily, I click my pen and shake my leg when I’m trying to grasp something or listen to music


I play sad songs
when i’m writing sad parts
and I play level up by Ciara when i’m power writing
and i really like to eat when i’m writing then i feel really fat and go to the gym for 2 hours
i am really confident in my spot directing
somewhat confident in zooms