What are your least favorite female limelight hairstyles?




i don’t like any of the short ones tbh




i’m sorry if that was offensive!! :sweat_smile:


not at all im trying to find the most hated hair styles in limelight because in my story the main character starts off ugly and gets really pretty at the end


No it wasn’t! It’s just funny. The short hairstyle I have doesn’t really suit me at all. It’s straight but my hair is naturally curly.:joy:


I really wish there were more pixie hairstyles. The closest somewhat decent one for my self-avatar is the Punk Pixie one.

As for least favorite, I wouldn’t say I have one, but most of the long hair styles are kinda eh. Especially the Straight hairstyle: it looks way weird and flat.


OML! Finally someone who feels me.


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I don’t like the dreads or the braids.
It’s not fair. They look so awkward and unrealistic.
They need better representation.
Sucks that all the straight and wavy hair are only good ones it seems


I hate long feathered because everyone has it.



@Sydney_H could you please close this?


That one is pretty. I tend to use it for my villains.


I hate the Straight Medium hairstyle… Ugh.


The new Afro hairstyle looks painfully ugly. Extremely unrealistic too-may I add. Those random singular hairs sticking out above definitely does not do it for me.


I freaking hate the new Afro!! Why does it look so fizzy and has strings sticking up?!
WTH, Episode…!


@Sydney_H could you please close this?



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