What are your New Years Resolutions for 2019?

They can be non-episode related!

Wow. 2019 is right around the corner, how crazy is that? What are some things you might wanna do differently next year, or new things you want to try?
Mine are:

  • Go to the gym more (I know so typical, but a girl needs to :roll_eyes:)
  • Stop procrastinating my studies (actually do my assigned readings)
  • Get better at directing
  • Have my story published by the summer
  • Find new ways to step out of my comfort zone
  • Meet new people, expand my network

And probably a bunch more I can’t remember :laughing:

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And Happy Holidays everyone!! :grin:


image_search_1545677888609 Mine is to, only get straight A’s and be a master coder…

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Wow, it’s hard to believe that 2019 is nearly here. Honestly, I haven’t made New Years resolutions in such a long time, but I guess now is a good time to start again. I will:

  • Continue learning to love and accept myself more.
  • Keep improving in my art (and draw more girls instead of boys haha)
  • Work on my Episode story and hopefully have it published by the end of the year
  • Keep taking life step by step because I don’t need to rush it. It’s my life to live at my pace~

I hope that everyone has a safe, successful, and happy year filled with many experiences and lessons~♡

  • I just need to make some more friends :sweat_smile:
  • Pick up on reading :grimacing: I haven’t touched a book in a while
  • I need to start studying on my maths :sweat_smile: I have a A in algebra so far now so I want to keep it like that.
  • Practicing on art is good too but I can just quit it any moment to start anything important.
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Well I guess mine will be to take more time to take care of myself. Ik it sounds selfish but I watched and did a lot of things that others wanted which resulted in a lot of fights so imma do what I need to for me. But still caring tho.

I wanna be more comfortable dancing again in front of others and maybe make a music video.

I want to start selling some baked goods at school because I need money. :joy:

I think that’s it? Idk oh! Also to speak up with any and everything I’m done hiding just because I don’t want to upset people or get in trouble.

Oh yeah and I need to start driving and take that test.


Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish! Self-care is a form of self love, don’t ever feel bad for putting yourself first :slight_smile:
Good luck with all your goals! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Right and it’s sad that I feel like taking care of myself is blah so I really wanna work on that. Thank you!

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I think that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. It sounds like you made an important choice to show yourself some love, especially since your desires and needs are just as valuable as others’. For a long time, I thought that placing myself as priority sounded selfish lol, but it’s my life, and I have to take care of it. Don’t forget yourself, you gorgeous person! :heart:


Thank you! Ahhhhhh this is so nice I just never wanted to annoy anyone else so I put my feelings on hold a lot of the time but I’m done doing that this year.

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Omg haha that sounds like how I feel! I really hate it when I’m determined to put myself first, and then these intrusive thoughts come in, causing me to doubt myself. Well, I think that if the people you’re with truly care about you, you voicing out your feelings shouldn’t annoy them. Just like you care about them and listen to what they want, they will most likely be happy to know what you truly think/want. :slight_smile:

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Right?! I honestly need to start treating myself like that and if people are annoyed by it I don’t care really anymore because it’s my feelings and I’m happy with them. :joy:

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Haha that’s a great mindset to have! I hope that you have a great 2019. I’m glad we could chat about this. ✩

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Of course this was nice to talk about and thank you! Enjoy your year as well!

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What we all say

I’m gonna do this and this and this and this in the new year.

What we do

What we say

2019 is gonna be so much better

What’s actually gonna happen
Global warming gets worse
Politics is gonna have more problems
More crime
More threats for nuclear bombs
We could possibly all die

This year

Eat healthier and work on my art


jReduce Episode time

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:sweat_smile: So relatable. I used to have a problem with this because I kept listing huge or nonspecific goals, like “Keep becoming a better person” haha. It worked a lot better after I started making smaller, detailed resolutions and creating plans along with them.

Best wishes with your goals!

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focus on my story, I used to spend every hour of every day coding and writing or I don’t do anything at all. I need a balance. :persevere:


I am going to attempt to decrease the amount of times I almost fall asleep at the keyboard.


Haha. We don’t blame you, you are like. Never sleeping. Seriously you’re always on here

ahaha don’t even get me started :roll_eyes: the list of things I said I was gonna accomplish this year vs what I actually did is pathetic lmao. Hopefully 2019 will be different (also something we say every year)