What are your New Years Resolutions for 2019?

Ya’ll keep me busy


•To publish a story on episode
•To start a youtube channel and Be a successful
• To be more confident around people
•To Make more friends

  • clear skin (duh)
  • stop procrastinating
  • get good grades (i already do, but i just want them to stay good)
  • fix my sleep schedule
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My goals:

  • Develop a better routine (Ex: Cleaning my room more often- having a set schedule for my homework, going to sleep at the same time every night)
  • Put my health first, and focus on taking care of myself (Ex: Getting more sleep, and exercising more… eating healthier… etc…)
  • Actually LEARN the things that the school is teaching us, and be dedicated to learning as much as I possibly can
  • Spend less time on the computer

I’ve actually been working on the routine thing before the New Years, and what I’ve gained is a slightly better schedule then I used to have. So if you have goals, work on them right away, don’t push them aside until the New Years, when you could probably get a lot more done now, and say you’ve accomplished something, so that you’re ready for the next year.


A lot of my goals are the same as yours lol.

I want to learn more directing next year.
I want to go to gym more.
I want to stop procatsinating with studies.
I want to mak more friends and who knows? Get a little popular around here.
I want to finally publish my episode story.
I want to do better as an artist.

And more, but nothing comes to my mind right now.

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Ok um, I want…

  • Stop procrastinating my studies
  • Get better grades for my exams
  • Make the best out of bad situations
  • Complete all the online stories which I have left incomplete for so long
  • Getter better at directing
  • Publish my first Episode story
  • Be more self confident
  • Spend less time online

And lastly…

  • Be happy and content at the end of the next year, at what I have achieved
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Be more supportive : )
I feel like I’m not supportive enough and I need to try harder :persevere:


Well, it was one I wanted to complete for years.

2019 New Years Resolution:

  • Finally publish my first story.

I mean when I make stories, I always think of new ones and decide to make another all over again, oh and laziness. ;-;

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This thread is for commenting what ur wish is for this year. What do u want to have? What do u want to accomplish?

Comment down below what ur goal is for this year! :point_down:

I will start:

My goal for this year is to help people be better and help them boost up their self esteem and also being a better and friendlier person. For my friends to have a better life…including my forums friends. I want my forums friends and family to have a great year. I love u all🥰

Now it’s your turn :heart_eyes:. Comment down below your goals for this year.

And have a great and fantastic year :purple_heart:

@Forever1201 (AKA Kit Kat)


For the past New Years I’ve always had goals but never really accomplished them, so I pretty much gave up on New Year goals.

I’d just like to wish the people who actually aspire to reach their goals good luck (-:

And of course, have a great year xx


My goal for this year is to actually set real goals because eating more chocolate is not a real goal. :joy:

I guess I especially want to spend more or my time reading as last year, due to studies, I read a lot less books then I’d like to admit so my prominent goal will be to improve my reading skills more.

Another goal I have for this year is to be nice and understanding. Or at least to try to be nice and understanding. When someone tells me some problem of theirs or something, Idk why but I avoid those conversations. :sweat_smile: Its a bad habit and I am going to try to change it and be at least a semi-decent person?


To publish some episode in my story :upside_down_face:
Also, 2 get myself a manz :grinning::sunglasses:

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Happy new years sisters!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:
What are your goalsfor2019 :heart::heart:

  1. To finish It before the end of January.
  2. Get into a better eating habit.
  3. Straight A’s
  4. I have 51 minutes til 2019…

Edit: It’s now New Years for me!!



  1. Get better grades
  2. Spend less time on the internet
  3. Become more confident
  4. Smile more
  5. Manage my time better!
    Hbu @Mackenzie.writes?

Happy New Years!

  1. To perform well in all subjects (especially Science).
  2. To finally publish my wattpad AND episode story.
  3. To join a computer course or something.
  4. To learn at least 3 songs to play on a piano.


• To Be Myself
• To Be Nicer I’m nice to everyone it’s just the way they disrespect me and I think bad about them.
•To Be A Better Coder
•To Not Let My Ex Friend Into My Life





  • Finish And Write A Story

  • Forget About This Guy

  • Meet My Online Bestie

  • Get A Bf


last year was a year of learning to love myself.

this year, I want to teach other people how to love themselves. that’s my main goal, among other things like:

  • use my potential to the fullest in classes & clubs
  • keep my environment organized & clean
  • make a bigger impact in issues I care about