What are your opinions

What are your opinions on princess stories?
Preferably a trapped princess.

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It’s fine with me, but as always any idea is good if you execute it right

I’m honestly nor sure what you mean by “trapped princess”. :thinking:

A princess trapped in her castle and her family won’t let her out to “protect” her.

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ehhh if it was an episode story then its prolly a DEF no for me cause there so boring and overdone smh :roll_eyes: :raised_hand:t2:

but if its a creator, then sure!! as long as its interesting with PLOT TWISTSSSSSS i’ll read it! :chef: :two_hearts:

As long as the princess is a strong woman, I’d probably read it

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Its my story but this is the desc

Trapped away from the real world, Princess Victoria has always wanted to meet someone outside of the royals, will she meet her Prince Charming or continue being someone she’s not?

its really like princess at day, sneaking out rebel at night lmao’

There’s much more to it tho then just a trapped princess

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ouuuuuu okay! sounds interesting, could you tag me once it’s out pls? :two_hearts:


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The love interest doesnt help her escape she kind of sneaks out if you get it and then she meets a love interest outside of the royal world.

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