What are your pet peeves that really annoy you?

I want to know your pet peeves that really annoy you that you want to scream because it is that annoying.

Mine is people not replying back when they messaged you

  • People leaving crumbs everywhere
  • Leaving messages like “sure.” That annoys me because I have no idea if the person is being by sarcastic or what.
  • Over energetic people. I like talking to people but sometimes I wanna have a normal conversation. I get the energy at times but my social meter isn’t strong enough to deal with that 24/7 :skull:

Yeah, I hate messages where you can’t tell if they are being genuine or not :roll_eyes:

It’s like are you actually replying to me or are you just sending me something because I messaged you and you can’t be bothered because just ignore me at that point.

  • This one is astonishing. People telling me to be more “business casual” after they get upset with me for not knowing how to start or hold a conversation. You wouldn’t believe this happened to be twice :upside_down_face:

I am sh*t at holding conversations because I feel like nobody is listening, after awhile I don’t bother.


I have a weird one
Mine is when the yolk cracks and you were trying to make sunny side up eggs
off topic but that is a pet pev I have

I dont even know if that counts as a pet pev

But a pet peve with messaging would be…
when somone adds you to a group chat. This doesnt happen much but it happens a lot on snapchat
and then people get upset when you leave a group when it wasnt active for a week


I can’t say I relate to the first one because I have never made those type of eggs but yeah a dead group chat is the worst

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lol yeah i knew it was weird but I genially get upset :sweat_smile:

Also yeah… I couldnt think of anything else

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When sh*t goes wrong everyone gets annoyed so that makes sense why you would get upset especially when you can’t change it and have to find an alternative or try again. Don’t have the patience :expressionless: :v:


When people chew with their mouths open and/or loudly. It irritates me heeeellla fast.


I think that is a very common one, when people do something that makes a lot of noise and they know but continue anyway :neutral_face:

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Ooof, I have so many of them.
I hate being touched the most though.


That’s understandable, people shouldn’t be touching you unless you say so.

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Many pet peeves I have:

  • Parents. Strictly parents. If you do favors for at least one, you know what I mean.
  • Families so loud you can hear them from upstairs (mine).
  • When people wrongfully pronounce a word on purpose. Come on, man. It’s not that hard to learn to speak properly (but that will never happen when it comes to my family).
  • When you’re laying in bed with a friend or family member that leaves the tv on before going to sleep.
  • School. Need I say more (especially online)?
  • Youtube ads. Bonus points when they’re unskippable.
  • Sneezing while I’m trying to sleep. It ruins everything.
  • Hearing that sound people make when trying to spit something out. Disgusting. :nauseated_face:
  • Most of reality tv is romance. 🤦🏽 Hate it.
  • Being yelled at to wake up.

I have so much more, but that’s all I’m putting (maybe for now).


Online learning is a no from me too, I just can’t learn that way and the reason I started this thread was because of an annoying spotify ad that I keep hearing its the only one that plays anymore and because my brother is refusing to let me into his premium family pack, so I can’t get rid of them, like I don’t care what your true love is making for Christmas and it is past Christmas I don’t want to hear it anymore.

  • Really energetic people. Like seriously calm down-
  • Chewing with your mouth open
  • People telling me I’m shy. I know it sounds weird but I get SO MAD when somebody calls me shy!!

That’s it I guess lol


I understand when someone calls you shy, I have told my mum I have social anxiety and she says I am shy and I am being rude but my social anxiety is triggered around everyone, my friends and even my family but she refuses to listen :roll_eyes:

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when people try to one up your problems


Same, also when someone ignores for no reason it really annoys me


My real world pet peeves:

When someone blasts their music really loud. It’s also normally bad rap or hip-hop music that gets blasted.

When someone says to you that they are going to do something and then don’t.

COVID-19 related: When someone’s face mask covers their mouth but not their nose.