What are your pet peeves while reading episode stories?

I am a picky reader as well😅

  1. When the author excessively cuts to one person to another as “comedy” One scene with this is fine, however when they cut back and fourth for a whole ten seconds and then do it AGAIN I do get peeved.

  2. The Mc or Li falling too fast for each other :roll_eyes: The only acceptable scenario I can think of is if they were best friends. But I’m thinking of the two characters being strangers and then falling for each other.

  3. This is small because it usually doesn’t happen, but when there are like 3 options for clothing and all of them are ugly😥

Last one lol

POOR LAYERING SKILLS :hot_face::hot_face: that one really gets me


I hate when that happens its litarraly so easy to do, and take no time to do, I remeber when I started on episode and we didn’t have the portal view of the code and we had to read it on the phone then tast it in, back then was a nightmare, people have no excuse now to fix the speechbubbels


I wouldn’t say I’m that much of a picky reader. As long as the plot flows and the characters are likeable that’s fine. But I do have quite a few things that turn me off.

  • That “love at first sight bs” where there’s this whole essay about how hot the person is and how the MC has fallen straight for them. It’s extremely unrealistic and cliche and stories like that turn me off because I like to see the realtionship GROW as they turn from enemies to lovers or from best friend to lovers.

  • When the LI is a COMPLETE DICK, like no questions asked. Their only excuse is because they have a “traumatic past” and so have the right to be a j3rk to everyone like no baby that’s not how it works. Guys who are nice to the MC from the start need a lot more recognition rather than the bad boys who hate the MC then get jealous because her classmate spoke to her.

  • Okay I think this one is an unpopular opinion but pacing is everything. I hate it when a few episodes are in and you already kissed the LI, but I also hate it when there’s wayyy too much slowburn like its episode 83 and the MC hasn’t even gone on a date with the LI. It needs to be realistic or else it gets boring and unentertaining.

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Bad grammar (like really bad), female LI turning to male or the other way around, zero choices, ruthless mafia kings, mothers who died giving birth in 21st century, mean girls and ofc bad boys :rofl:

That one cliche when the main character is getting “harassed” by some random and the LI randomly comes out of nowhere and starts rescuing her…it gets old :rofl:

And when the main character falls in love too fast…


this is MC parents, except they dont look like you, I am readin a story right now, mom is blonde, dad got black hair and MC is a ginger. they dont even look related, genes dont work like that, you kinda look like both your parents, and not neither.


or the, all the girls look like a mom all the sons look like that, sorry but genes dont slipt into gender. I wish it did then I had moms hair instead of my fathers.


I think I’ve commented on here before but I’m mentioning two pet peeves I just realized I’ve had recently.

Cheating LIs: No, it isn’t romantic for an LI to be in love with you, the MC, while he is literally in a relationship with someone else and then leaving his relationship for you. It’s not romantic and depending on how it’s written it’s lowkey creepy. Please. It’s not necessary. Let the LI just be single before they fall for you please.

Terrible Best Friends: Stop with the terrible best friend characters that treat the MC like sh*t and shaming them for being shy or nerdy or something. I read a story where the best friend often berated the MC for being shy and nerdy, stole her phone, and forced her into drinking and partying, just being used as a plot device to push MC into a romance with the LI. Like sure, use the best friend as a plot device, but there’s no need for her to be an asshole.

This might be a controversial pet peeve...

I find it cliche when the MC begins basically explaining their life in the beginning of the first episode and some authors do explain too much and give us all the information at once. Like, let us learn about the characters as the story progresses and don’t let us learn everything all at once.

I am guilty for having the MC in one of my stories narrate and introduce themselves though like, “hi my name is Nadia,” but I don’t explain everything at once and give the minimal need-to-know about her character (like how she witnessed a murder and had to move away under witness protection).

Basically, what I’m saying is to show not tell.


I agree with @baechulgi :slight_smile:

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