What are your pet peeves while reading episode stories?

are you gonna tell me that and will I see them without it or am I to asume.

I read on a tablet, so I hate when I can’t read the speech bubbles because they’re too far up or too far down. Same with the cut off heads thing.


this reminds me of this one time when i was reading a story on a tablet, left off in the middle, and continued reading with a phone but have the speech bubbles out of place due to the tablet having a different screen size


Honestly, when i’m given two choices, and one is a gem choice. And the gem choice tries to make me feel guilty or otherwise turns the story negative if I don’t pick it, like: “Pick this option or everyone will laugh at you and you’ll look like a loser.”
And because I don’t have any gems, I pick the free ones.
The story characters are horrified, and the main character is dreadfully embarrassed: “Great! Now no one will ever take me seriously and my life is ruined.”

It’s at the point where I’m not sure I want to continue the story because I just feel like the character is doomed to fail and i’m frustrated about it because there is no real choice in a ‘choose your own adventure’ story. :expressionless:


I have a few

  • When a character is talking but their lips aren’t moving

  • When the speech bubbles point to the wrong person

  • When looping talking animations are left looping even when there not talking

  • When lips are too light/ashy


When it takes 10-15 chapters, and they are still at the same location just so the MC and the LI can get more ‘intense’. Like lol, and also those chapters are incredibly short with nothing interesting happening besides the LI being jealous and treating the MC like a kid.


so basically every featured story


When characters look tacky and unnatural in a non fantasy story.


For real tho, those be annoying.


I hate when people don’t put a little thought at least into BG characters that you see close up. The far back ones no one pay much mind to. But if a BG character is going to show up a few times in the story put some thought into it. I also Hate when every single character is told about. Like it’s fine to do it ever know and then but when you stop the story for every single new character that is important to tell me what I should find out from reading I get bored fast and tend to not read it any more. I’m also not a big fan on stories that are rushed. I like stories that take their time, if its rushed to fast I will get bored and will tend to move on to a different story.


My biggest pet peeve.


I agree with the background characters :joy: idk about others but I pay attention to them


Oh yes I hate when you leave looping animation going and it shouldn’t be it bothers me big time.


Me to I always put a lot of thought into characters. Even if I only use them once for two seconds of a scene, I have changed them up giving them a personality and have their clothes to fit lol :joy:

  • When the backgrounds are blurry because the author zoomed in way too far or because they made the background themselves. I understand that people want to be creative and unique in their stories, but when I can barely see the backgrounds they made, I get very annoyed.

  • When authors include CC for every single character. Its honestly so time-consuming to customize so many unnecessary people like friends and family members (especially because you can make them look like the MC automatically when they customize themselves). The most that I like to do is probably 3: the MC, the LI, and one family member or best friend if they have a large role and influence in the story. But I do not need to customize myself, my entire family, all of my friends, my LI, and his entire family too.

  • On the same note, when there is a very limited customization. I understand that you are “playing as the character and not yourself”, but the whole reason people enjoy CC is because they enjoy the character looking like themselves. Its fine when it just one or two features, but when I can only customize very few things, I get tempted to leave. Not being able to choose my skin shade can be pretty frustrating. I also think that people don’t realize that when you force their eye color to be blue or another bright color, that it looks very weird on POC’s faces. The same thing goes for hair color and lip color (blonde on a black person or very deep lips on a white person) looks bad.

  • When people start off their story by saying, “Sorry guys this story is really bad…” Then I guess don’t post it yet.

  • In people’s titles when they say to not read past a certain chapter. Just wait to publish it until later.

  • Fake choices. This is when your choices don’'t actually mean anything.
    Ex: Do you want to be my girlfriend?
    Yes- end up dating them now
    No- but you end up with them in the next scene

Sorry this is Iong but I guess I’m pretty picky lol :joy:


Basically, yeah. I’m new to Episode, but that seems to be the theme of the Featured Stories so far.

I can find humour in some of them, say they are making a big deal about an outfit and the character says no and goes to the party in sweat pants, or the story offers you a chance at a threesome and the character is kind of into it, and then walks away last minute completely devastating the other two people.

The story that inspired the comment though…it’s almost as if every 2nd choice is a gem option and the character is honestly spiralling into despair at this point. At least with other featured stories the gem choices have little impact, you can take them or leave them and it doesn’t seem to really change the ending, but in this story it feels built around them instead and I’m wondering when I’m going to get a game over because the character can’t take anymore humiliation.


the only reason an author would give cc for all family members is because some people have family members that don‘t look like them.


I agree with everything people above said, but I gotta add: I hate it when the MC is rude to a character for no reason, or just way too sarcastic and cocky

Hi Karen!



I’ve seen lots of threads like this and wanted to make my own. What are some things that irritate or make you unsatisfied while reading Episode stories?

I’ll start off by saying this: when the author focuses on a sensitive topic and provides misinformation about it or represents it incorrectly.

EDIT: this comment was merged into this thread!! it was originally my own topic!!!


improper grammar in stories! it’s just really hard for me to read and understand the story if there is lots of spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, etc