What are your Pet Peeves


So my other topic, What causes your anxiety in the forums, was a pretty good topic…so I decided to make this!

Cough cough sneaky plug cough cough

What gives you OCD?

  1. Whenever you get half sheets of paper and it’s not cut straight.

  2. When you’re writing and the shade of your writing changes.

  3. Whenever I’m in bed and I braid my hair in bed and the braids aren’t perfect even though I know it will be ruined in the morning I fix it anyway. ( Oof. Run-on sentence. Sorry Mr. Davis!! )

  4. If someone colors something in but there’s small white spots

  5. When you shut your locker but one side isn’t closed all the way

  6. When something isn’t symmetrical

  7. When my synesthesia doesn’t show symmetrical shapes or blobs or whatever.

Idk anymore. I’m adding more when I think of it…

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Edit: I realize that mental illnesses aren’t to be joked around about, but I do have major anxiety and I have OCD. I’m not trying to come off as rude. Ty


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