What are your siblings look a like?

So…I made this thread because people are like “your siblings look similar to that?”
And it’s true!
I look a little like This!

And the My quadruplets “Brothers” look like this.


Show what your siblings look a like are! :blush:

Or what your look a like is? :joy:

Don’t judge how they look! Nice compliments only! Maybe a little flirtatious too! :blush:
Have fun looking at their look a likes! :heart_eyes:



Oooooouuuui! So cute! :heart_eyes:

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Hey. Is not me. Is somebody who looks like me.

Yep! But your look a like looks cute!

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Why thank you. That means alot to my Google searching abilities.

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Welp you all know what I look like…

An asian bean.

ahem but you have no clue what my sister Joana/ Jojo looks like! This is her (older) lookalike!

Her hair is currently dyed, basically like that. And she’s 12… and a big brat but gotta love her I guess…

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Bet she looks


In real life. :grin:

Is this how your siblings look in real life

No? It’s a look a like.

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My brother actually looks quite a lot like the professional tennis player Alexander Zverev (whom I have a major ‘celebrity’ crush on so that’s kinda weird :grimacing:)

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My brother


My younger sister

imagine her hair slightly shorter

My baby sister who is 1 and a half


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The last one is just ‘Awww!’

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