What are your thoughts about a polygamous relationship story?

Suppose the Mc likes two LI’s. The males are straight etc. Only have a relationship with the female.


not my thing, and i wouldn’t read it, but some people might be into that so go for it :-0


Alright thanks!

I mean, if they’re happy and it’s consensual then good for them. I personally wouldn’t read this because I’ve been moving away from romance stories all together.


Ok, Thanks!

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I think I would read a story like that. Honestly, whenever there’s more than 1 LI I have trouble deciding and would prefer to just date them all :joy:


I’ve seen it before, but in a movie and not an episode story. But still, I think it is an interesting idea of a relationship and no cliché, which is valuable these days. So I would 100% read this type of story :heart: But at the same time, I think that for an episode story the coding with 2 LI’s can be quite difficult, and even more if you’re just starting out :thinking:


omg innit! That’s why I wanted to give it a try.

Yeah get what you mean…Illsee what i can do about it xx

This could definitely be a really interesting story. I can’t say I’m personally into it or that I’d reach for this type of thing, but I’m sure many out there who are into poly relationships would love a story like this. There are a few stories I’ve read where you can choose to be with one of the individual love interests, or both at the same time but the whole story wasn’t poly-focused.

I would definitely read the story lol in real life love is love and if that makes them happy so be it

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I would certainly read it, I would just put a warning in the description so people who wouldn’t be interested could decide not to read it. I think you would get some backlash if you didn’t.

Well I think there should always be the choice in it. I usually end up liking one li more than the other(s) so that’s just where I’m coming from

I’d read it, it might be fun. But I think the reader should be able to choose the ending (whether they’d want to be with just one LI or two).

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