What are your thoughts and are you entering the new contest?

So today came out a new contest (aka Fantastical) and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about it and if anyone is thinking about entering this contest.:thinking:

I personally think it’s pretty cool!

Share your thoughts

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I’m mixed on it. I want to enter but with the state my laptop is in (keeps crashing the writer’s portal) and the fact that I’m not a highly advanced director or insanely skilled writer, I’m not sure I’d be able to.

I do like the idea of a fantasy based contest though.

I actually have a fantasy story I just started working on, I just started and it matches the theme so I may change it a little bit and make it a contest entry (not published, just started it)

I think it’s a great theme, and I’m happy for all the fantasy genre writers who must be pretty pleased right now :joy:
I wish I could enter, I actually have an idea for a fantasy-based story that I’ve been thinking about for a while… but I have two other stories I’m supposed to be finishing and I’m trying to stop myself from publishing anything new until at least one of them is complete… :sweat_smile:

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Haha I love fantasy good luck with managing it all lol :joy:

I want to join, but at the same time like don’t want to. I need to finish a story before I can start a new one lmao

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Spotlight is for both LL and Ink and cinematic is for all the styles I don’t think that there’s a limit otherwise they would clear it up

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I think I want to enter with an ancient fantasy story if I can force myself to deal with directing :joy:

I actually started writing a new story for the contest from now lol I love to direct but good luck! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Liking to direct? Omg! You’re the :unicorn: I’ve been searching for :joy:

Thank you and good luck to you as well!

no i don’t think i am that capable to enter in such a contest as i am a new writer in episode and i am not a perfect writer that i can participate in a fantasy contest…

Don’t think that! You totally can enter. None of us are perfect writers. Being new is great because you might have a new perspective that no one has done before. Please don’t let your new status discourage you. We are all here on the forums to help. :hugs:

you are write but i don’t have any story published as i have just started it writing a few days ago and i also don’t know what this contest is. i am seriously a new fellow on episode…
but if you provide me the details maybe i can think over it and let you know:hugs::hugs:

My first published story was a contest story- as was my second story. Although I’m not proud of the first, I can’t deny that it was excellent practice in familiarizing myself with the writing portal and its workings, and it also helped me be able to complete a story easily since I had a concrete deadline. I highly recommend starting with a contest if you’re new to Episode- it makes writing easier imo :slight_smile:

The contest is pretty much authors all over the community submitting stories that fit with the theme within the time deadline (about two months) and they don’t have to be complete- just at least three episodes published by then- and Episode judges them and chooses winners for a featured shelf. Even if you don’t win, it can be a great way to get your work out there at least and gain some exposure.

If you have difficulty directing for now, perhaps consider writing in Episode Spotlight? The directing required is minimal, which makes writing super fast and easy, and it allows you to focus more on your story than your directing which can be super overwhelming at first. Although a lot of people tend to prefer Cinematic over Spotlight, Spotlight definitely has its merits.

This link should answer any more specific contest related questions for you though feel free to ask a forumer or moderator if you have any questions beyond it ^-^.

Good luck if you choose to enter! And welcome to the forums/episode :slight_smile: !


Contest entries aren’t necessary easier for new writers, they get a deadline and that can stress people out sometimes, like they’re still new, they can be slower at writing and they have to finish their story in less than 2 months, it can make it harder rather than easier

I think I’m going to try to enter but the last 6 contests I started a story but didn’t finish on time so I probably don’t will this time.

Don’t give up on hope! I already started working on my contest entry you should start right away and it will give you more time!

alright i’ll try…

There’s not a lot of fantasy stories on Epsiode and I love fantasy! I’m pretty excited. The only thing is most people tend to go for “vampire werewolf romances” and I hope that’s not gonna be the entirety of the contest.

I won’t give up. I’m starting, I have two idea’s but not sure which one to use.