What are your thoughts and opinions on the different Episode styles?


Hi! I know I just made a post earlier but as I was looking through the forums, I noticed that a lot of people prefer limelight over ink… Is this true? I don’t want to make my new story in ink if nobody likes ink anymore lol… So what are your thoughts on ink and limelight? Do certain styles make you stop reading the story?

  • Ink
  • Limelight

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Maybe do a poll to see lol


I prefer ink 100% :joy:


Ooh! Thank you! That was a good idea! Also, I prefer ink over limelight too but if ink is just gonna be thrown down the drain because of limelight, I thought I’d give it a shot lol… I also kind of just wanted to see what y’all think about the different styles but I really don’t wanna change my style on my story from ink to limelight :disappointed_relieved: but I’m not sure yet…


Maybe make one of each :joy:


I think ink is still the most liked but LL is starting to grow on people? This poll was from last month


I’d say it’s actually the opposite lol. It seems like more people prefer INK over LL, myself included! :slightly_smiling_face:


INK is winning!!! :joy::grinning:


That’s actually a really good idea! Maybe after I publish the first few chapters I can start on a limelight version… But I’ll see what’s going on then and decide from there lol


I am so relieved @Rune.episode, @goth.gaia, and @Teahwalker because I’ve always preferred ink and have never really liked LL so I was really worried when I was on the forums and like
no one likes ink… I am glad I did this because I was considering changing my story but I actually don’t think it would be that good in LL because I’ve never really read it…


Believe me I think every one else likes ink better than LL
In my opinion Ink is better and I love it much better than LL


Yes, I totally agree! I am just glad that there are some people who agree lol


I think you should always write story in style that you like


I feel you, INK is my baby lol. No matter how hard I try, I literally can’t get myself on the Limelight Express. :sweat_smile:
But hey, even if people didn’t like INK as much as LL, you should still write what you want to write in whatever style you’d like and prefer! :sparkling_heart:


I know… I was really torn because I wanted to write in a style I personally liked but I also didn’t want to publish a story and everyone hate it just because it was in ink… But I really agree because I just don’t think I would’ve been able to write a good story without really understanding/liking the LL version… Ugh, I’m so glad I got other peoples opinions because otherwise I probably would’ve made the wrong decision and been upset with myself later on… This speech also goes for you @goth.gaia lolol :joy::joy:


Good luck and happy writing :heart:
And after all you are not writing story for people to like you are writing story for you to like, there are a lot of people with different opinions so you should always listen to yourself


Also if this is your first story and you ever need help directing let me know lol


Okay! Thank you so much! I’ll keep that in mind!


And btw wish you good luck while writing this story! :+1::four_leaf_clover::slight_smile: