What are your thoughts if you look back?

It’s a gang story love triangle mess with no real plot :sob: :rofl:

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How bad I want to read it rn :sob:

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i wrote my first story when i was 9 (it’s also the only one i’ve ever finished oof)

it’s about two sisters (4 and 7), primarily the younger one, whose father was abusive towards them and their mom. the mom was shot by the dad; she died and the dad was sent to jail. the girls started living at an orphan and shortly after, they were adopted by a couple, who were originally going to adopt just one, but the sisters refused to go without each other. the couple was very affectionate to the girls, but the younger sister had gotten closer to their adoptive mom’s mother (i guess now their adoptive grandmother ?) who lived with them.

later on the story, the grandmother went on about a week-long trip to another country, but the plane crashed and she passed away. without having the heart to tell the little girl, the couple kept the news a secret and thought it wouldn’t help deal with her trauma, so they would just say that “grandma’s trip was extended” or something whenever she would ask, until the little girl grew up and eventually forgot about it.

it has like 20-23 chapters? but they were very very short, with only 300-700 words each chapter. i remember crying so much while writing it because i knew how the ending would be, even tho the writing was so horrible

oof this got too long sorry :>

I will read it over an hour but the first 3 sentences sound goodd DHDHDHD But fr you were 9??

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Whats the name of the story :clown_face:
Also, i have also made a story when there was the create option in the app lol it was cringeyy af :clown_face:

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i titled it Stronger Than Death is Love :joy:

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I made so many stories on the create section of the app. The first Episode story I remember writing was called Almost Popular.

The story was about an “ugly” girl (She had green hair, which automatically makes you unattractive, I guess) Hayley and her friend Sofie who wanted to become popular. Sofie became popular by befriending the mean girls. Since the mean girls actively bullied Hayley, she couldn’t use that method. One day, three foreign exchange students from France joined Hayley’s class, and she decides to use them to become popular.

I was probably 10 or 11 when I wrote this. I believed it was a great story and was sure it would get millions of reads. Since it was a mobile created story, the directing was awful. Thankfully, it is not public anymore.

That emotional emotional attachment with he characters is something I’m dealing with rn. I thought I wasn’t normal😭

I want to read your story so bad rn
Also to just see what was happening in that nine year old head of yours

Billie Eilish left the chat


mad respect
when I was 11 I didn’t even know how to write my own name

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I’m currently working on my first story and already know more now in the 3 months I’ve been writing. Luckily for me my husband is a computer programmer, he taught me a lot of it. Then I got a hang of the basics. and once I got to episode 7 I finally made an episode I was 100% happy with. lol I went back and fixed my first 3 chapters. I published June 3rd and now I’m working on chapter 10 but there’s still sooooo much I don’t know. :joy:

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I’m so happy to hear that and it also gives me hope for my own writing ahaha. Success, love <3

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:clown_face: i hate my sh*t dircting but i dont wanna revamp it again :weary:

but im considered an advanced coder

bumping this dry shit for abi :kissing::v:

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Lmaoooo that’s rudee

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:roll_eyes: this hasnt been bumped since a month ago :yawning_face:

Maybe bc I LEFT and DON’T CARE about it that much? :relieved:

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Jk jk I care about the community lmao

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shhhh u cant be saying dat when imma rebillion leader :yawning_face: