What are your thoughts on a good story review?

Okay. So i know i had my story reviewed by lots of people. And of course people have their different opinions about it and what it should be.
I’ve been told to make my characters more relatable but the fact is i did make her relatable many other people who read it, relate to her and she turns out to be one of the most relatable characters in my story. I’ve also been told to make them more likeable by someone who had just read the 1st episode. I made them have strong personalities and everything. You dont get to tell that a character is unlikeable by just reading the 1st episode. I made my characters have strong character development as told by some genuine reviewer who read 3 of my episodes.
Also recently i have been told to add a little romance to my story that doesn’t revolve around romance or drama. And to add choices to my story that is not a choice based story.
Also i have been told that there were questions unanswered by the first episode. Like you just read the first episode. What would you expect?
A story doesn’t get its climax by just the first episode. Which is why i dont get my story reviewed by just the first episode.
My thoughts on a good story review is to read all 3 episodes and know the category of the story so you dont get to tell that add a little romance to a somehow dystopian story and to know the characters better to why they act that way. Some reviewer told me they hated one character just because she is rude and rebelious. Its part of the story to why she acts that way. What? You want her to be all happy go lucky when she experienced her parents being murdered right before her eyes years ago?
What are your thoughts on a good story review?


Hi Emily!

Here are a few thoughts on what makes a good review!

I agree ideally, three episodes are great because character development is exactly as it says on the tin - it involves developing the character but this will happen gradually throughout the story.

Personally when I started out, I reviewed three and probably after my hiatus I will go back to doing three instead of two or one but when I am tight for time I do two and I have even said to take my words with a pinch of salt in such instances because I do not have the full picture.

Reviewing styles vary from person to person - I prefer to give comments throughout the story, so I will react to scenes or provide directing help as well as grammar. I do not give grades or scores, I am generally a subjective person so that shows in my reviews.

With reviews, you will not always find the reviewer may understand aspects of your plot/character traits but this is more to do with personal interpretation of the story.


With the making your characters more likable - I feel like this is a case of character development at play. You need time to warm to some characters - I have been given similar comments regarding my MC, she acts in a way that is deliberate but as the story goes on you understand why she is the way that she is. I am sure this is the case for your story too.

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Yes. I understand people have different reviewing styles. But the thing is people dont even understand one thing that will be explain later in the story and are already saying “make your plot clearer” and the same goes for the characters. The plot isn’t meant to be rushed which is why i think reviewing just the first episode is not a good idea.
I actually prefer an MC who is sassy and tough like yours instead of an MC that cries a lot. The only thing i like about an MC that cries a lot is that she will be tough and badass later in the story.

Ah I agree with you on that point - as plots are not meant to overload you with info I suppose first episode reviews are good for those who wish to know if their story makes a good impression on the reader rather than focusing on the actual plot or characterisations. I feel like reading more chapters does justice for the reader and the writer for a well rounded review.

Also, thank you! I am glad my MC is portrayed the way I wanted her to be!

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I definitely understand where you are coming from but all I can say really is that you can’t please everyone. Just remember it’s your story and it should be written the way you want it to be. There’s a huge difference between constructive criticism and someone telling you to change your story simply because they don’t like it. If you love what you write it will show in your writing and people will see the effort that’s gone into it and will enjoy it too.

As for the reviewing, one chapter reads are only really good for letting people know if the story catches the attention enough to want to read on. Reviews should be three chapters minimum. When people review movies, they sit through the whole film, they don’t watch five minutes then get up and leave.

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Yup true. The same goes for tv series, it isn’t recognized because of the first episode. Which is why i dont listen to anyone else’s advice when they review just the first chapter. When there are mistakes on the directing, or suggesting to change angles when two people are talking, i understand. But the whole plot story, nope.
I’ve been told my story was emotional and powerful when they read until the 5th chapter which is good enough for me.

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I agree that a good story review doesn’t happen after only reading the first episode. Actually I believe you have to read quite a lot to do a decent story review. After reading the first three episode, naturally you will have an idea about what you think of the story. But I think it’s hard to make a decent review when you don’t know how the story is going to develop.
It’s fair to leave constructive criticism and ideas on how to improve a story, but the reviewer definitely shouldn’t dictate how the story should be directed or turn out.
I get that it might be upsetting for you to have reviewers give you criticism for something that they don’t know how will turn out yet, but at the end of the day, it is your story. It sounds like you know exactly how you want your story to turn out and if the reviewers’ opinions seem unfair or understandable, just forget about them. Don’t let them get to you and don’t let it upset you.

I agree about reading 3 chapters for a review. By the 3rd chapter you get a better understanding of the plot. I review the reviewer now lol. After I got a fake review from an Instagram group. I read other reviews and determine if that reviewer can help me.

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Which is why i think its better to review half of the episodes of a story but people just dont have the time for that. Luckily i came across a reviewer who was kind enough to review 10 of my episodes.
Another thing is i think reviewers should be more experienced in life in general so that they can relate more to the characters.


You got a fake review? That sucks. I hate those kind of people. :frowning:

Yes I did, it was by Epy.Gold and the reviewer was Heather. I had to read 3 chapters of her story to get a review. When my review finally came it was basically a review of chapter 1. But when I sent a dm asking for proof of reading all 3 chapters of my story. I never got a response.

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Thank you for warning us!!

Also, the reviewer missed out on your amazing story so it is their loss.

That is a very interesting point you make about life experience and it is a good point indeed. Despite my young age (19 is young? Surely!! :sob::sob::joy::joy:), I have gone through some experiences which have helped me learn and grow as a person as well as reading a lot when I was younger.

I was an avid reader and that helped a lot when I am reviewing

Question for you and other posters here: do you live review?

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Well there are lots of people who somehow dont know how to review stories. Character development takes a while and they should know that. They should read more books. Because in books, one page does not define the entire story.
Live review? I guess not? I’ve only done one story review thread so far.

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Live review is when you type your thoughts/write your thoughts when you are writing the review - this is the way I review and thankfully it has been well received :joy:

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Oh yeah i have. Well actually it depends on the story if i actually feel anything with the characters

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