What are your thoughts on "Back And Forth" By earlgreytea?


Episode released a new story today- Back And Forth. What are your thoughts on it? Honest Reviews!


Is that the one by earlgreytea?




Well I really loved the original version. I read it ages ago, but didn’t end up finishing it though because I got a new phone and lost all my progress. I don’t have the featured version on my app, so I can only speak for the original


Oh I didn’t know there is a new version! I read the old one and it is great! One of my favorites actually :slight_smile:


Finally something refreshing in the featured section! No bad boys, gangsters or pregnancy, just a simple story, which is cute and funny. I can’t find the new version yet, but I’m going to reread it.


I love it personally :two_hearts:


Look at how they massacred my boy…


I read the old version and I absolutely loved it. I just discovered that they released a Episode Featured version of the story and I’m going to give this one a read as well. But of course if it’s the exact same as the other version I might stop cause there’s no point in reading the same story twice, but we’ll see :joy:

This story is honestly really good :blush:


I started reading it and they gave an option to customise the MCs and to change their names. But I decided to name them Avery and Caleb, in honour to my favourite original characters who I grew to love like my own little children :joy: Oh and I also kept their appearances the same.


It’s kind of different from the original version, which sort of makes me miss the original version :disappointed_relieved::blue_heart:


Tell me before I start, is it worth reading the new version? I don’t want to ruin my memories of the original


I only read one chapter so I can’t really say anything yet. I stopped for now cause I still wanted to keep my memories of the original version but it’s up to you. I might continue this version as well, not today but I might when I’m up for it. The only thing that’s a little saddening for me about this version so far, are the gem choices but it’s a Episode Featured story after all, this story really deserved that position :sparkles:


I’m not a 100% sure but shouldn’t this thread be moved to the Episode Fan Community section?


Hmmm… I think I’ll wait for more people to post here before I decide whether to read it or not


Yeah same here. I would really like to hear many more opinions on this story and be able to learn about the similarities and differences between the original version and this version.


It’s very similar to ‘Swap’ and my story ‘The Wanderer’.
I hope it gets better because I thought they’ve missed a lot of opportunities for jokes/references to a girl being a boy and vice versa. They seem to adapt to it too well and it feels rushed.
Personally the other stories I read about body switching were more deserving of being featured in my opinion.


It is very similar to Swap, I haven’t read your story yet so I can’t compare to that :joy:

Similarities between Back and Forth and Swap (SPOILER ALERT):
-Girl and boy switch bodies
-They argue… a lot
-One gets into a car crash in the others body
-The almost get stuck in the others body forever

One difference though is that the characters from Swap were already dating, whereas Avery and Caleb weren’t.


Well, I’m not going to use this as an excuse to promote my story. Let’s just say it’s about a sexist pig who wakes up as a woman.
I found swap better written and focused on more how it would be in the other sexes shoes (as mine did), where is this one seems like they’re already rushing into other things without exploring it properly. There’s opportunities for huge jokes and scenarios and they’re just missing them


I love Back and Forth!!
Another amazing story featured by Episode:)
Very good, very fresh, very interesting