What are your thoughts on "Back And Forth" By earlgreytea?


I found the discussion about having a period a bit too over the top.
I mean there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a normal thing, but I just found a bit to graphic in detail for the younger audiences here.


Love love love! So interesting and cute!


I suppose we can still reply to this thread? I have not seen another similar to this one recently, and I really need to gush about this story despite the lack of responses here… Perhaps this will even attract more readers? I can only hope. This story deserves them.

Okay, so, I have not read the original, hence no oncoming comparisons. However, it needs to be said: this featured story is actually pretty enjoyable. There is humour, lots of it, but I assure you, the jokes are very well executed. You know how sometimes authors throw stupid jokes that get old and dense even before they begin? Or they break the fourth wall over and over again? Well, these are not the cases in this story. There are no bad boys, no bitchy cheerleaders (that want to destroy the MC, at least), and all characters are incredibly likeable and relatable. In fact, I am having a very harsh time when it comes to love interests. The Asian guy (Mingu, was it?) is no doubt a good catch. He is adorable, respectful, well-mannered and talented. But then there is also, in my case, Eric, who was introduced at the beginning. He is also amazing, rich, and a genuine person with a handful of secrets but definitely not a stuck-up fool. And honestly, I am leaning toward Mingu solely because he is too adorable and I could not reject him, although I still have no idea who will be “the lucky one”.

Anyway, the plot may seem cliché, and it actually IS a cliché, but it is written in such a careful manner that as the story goes on, you will find that somehow it is something you have never read before. I highly recommend it. Not too many featured stories have this potential. It really is a different idea. 5/5.

Also, someone here said they disliked the “period” talk because of how it may affect young readers. Personally, I found it hilarious, and surely, with all those pregnancies, sexist themes and, to sum up, It Starts With a Bra, I think the last thing young readers should be disturbed by is one or two mentions of something as common and petty as periods xD


The original is better than the featured one.

Story over.


I was waiting for someone to give positive feedback… Maybe I will have to test it out… Although I do love the original so so so much that I might just be too bias


I think you really should. And I will definitely read the original one. I mean, if this new version is good, and people say the original one is excellent and even better, then I must be missing out on a gem!


I agree! Sorry if I’m offending anyone, lol.


'Course not! I meant it as a joke :stuck_out_tongue:
People can have opinions other than mine, lol


I love the original version better when read the initial chapters, but after reading for about 10 chapters, the uniques of the featured version came out. The featured version is more focus on the development of the main characters and of less sides. Still worth to read the featured one even we have read several times of the original one, this is what I would say.


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