What are your thoughts on bully romances?

There’s so many bully romances in stories not only on Episode but in books, movies and TV shows. Do you think there’s an instance where the bully can be redeemed?


Its absolutely disgusting and I mean from all angles female bullies need to be called out as well. (And what ima focus on cuz lots already talk abput how “guy bullies cuz they like u” trope. I feel females get overlooked cuz they are “cute” or their bullying gets written off as “tsundere”)

Bullying is trauma its not aww shes mean and antagonizing u cuz she had a bad childhood and cant communicate and secretly luvs you.

No. Its disgusting you are literally harrassing someone. Bullying makes mental health worse and can lead to TW: suicide


Someone is actively choosing to make ur life harder to make themselves feel better its NOT love nor is it cute.

It cant be redeemed and while ppl can and characters. Someome who bullied you is probably not someone you should spend ur time with romantically. Wtf are yall gon tslk about

Hey babe
Yeah bae
Remember when you bullied me so bad and look at us now uwu…my bullies the cutest bully


I think a bully could definitely be redeemed because odds are most bullies are dealing with issues themselves but not to the point where them and their victim could ever be in a healthy romantic relationship at least not IMO.

Sure the victim might eventually move on and forgive their bully but that pain will always be there and say they do get with their bully the pain of what they did will probably always be in the back of their mind and they’ll be fully aware of what they’re capable of doing/saying and maybe not fully trust them and on the flip side if the bully seeks help, comes to terms with what they did and turns a new leaf so to speak the guilt of what they did might always be there making them overcompensate hindering any chance of a normal healthy relationship too.

Personally instead of the toxicity that is bully “love” stories I rather there be no romance period and it just be about the character’s journey from what led them to bullying, them coming to terms with what they did, getting help for their issues that caused them to bully in the first place, making amends with their victims, coming to terms with what their bullying caused, showing their victim’s journey of forgiveness and healing, etc.


noo and they take is so far too. Like how are you gonna like a guy who kicks you in the stomach, degrades you and convinces others that it’s ok to do so as well? Like if we’re doing enemies to lovers, teasing is ok. If it’s funny banter, and we know what it is.

But the whole bully romance thing is so freaking extreme that you can’t find any romance in the LI actions. It’s just a no for me.


completely agree.

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At least in enemies to lovers(if done right) its a mutual back n forth

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These bullies need help. End of story.

It can be as simple as “joking about someone to the extent of harassing them” and it can cover kids, adolescents, even adults.
I was one who was pushed around because of “a disease” in my neighbourhood. That was when I was 10. It didn’t end until a year later.

Majority of them were people of the gender I’m attracted to. I didn’t feel junk about them. I hate them.


I hate them. I hate them so much.

as someone who was bullied. I look back to that with hate and disapr. I am an adult, I had theropy, I reach a point in my life where it no longer affect me. I still will not have anything to do with them.

I dont care if they redeemed themself, become better people. I still dont want them in my life.

and I cant imagine. the only people who like this kind of plot are people who didn’t experience bulling, or where the bullies.

people who got graped dont like stories about grape. we put warnings in stories about that because its trauma. so is bulling. and that’s a thing there last for years sometimes.

its not romantic, its not enemies to lovers. its not I can fix him trope. what it is falling for your abusier. that’s not romantic.


I made a post about enmies to lovers, including bully and victim, and explain why that one is my least favourite I actually hated it, but I wanted to say it in a nice way

I recommend reading for everyone, who even think about writhing and enemies to lovers.
Discussion: Enemies to lovers - Community / Episode Fan Community - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)


Only one word: Disgusting.
I get it that some people say that falling in love with a bully is like you feel like you’re not worth anything else and it can be very traumatic. But romantizing it is so not done…
Same with stories in which someone falls in love with the man who abushes her…

I’m sorry you went through that :confused:

Thankfully I was never bullied but I did grow up in an abusive home, was in an abusive relationship, was raped, a few days after being raped was taken advantage of by someone I thought was my “friend” and not gonna lie all throughout my teenage years up until my early 20’s I was a train wreck hurt myself way more then anyone else ever did and didn’t attract the best kinda people so while I have no idea what bullying feels like I definitely know what it feels like to go through trauma, the slow painful process of trying to get better and to see these types of sensitive topics be romanticized, disrespected and used for entertainment in stories :woman_facepalming:t2:


Yeah i agree with you…bullying is sooo not cool…i could get if the guy is teasing the girl but any other thing asides that is just over rated.
Tbh some people don’t even like to be teased because somehow people make fun of your insecurity or something while teasing you which is a no on my path

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You to, that most have been horrible to go though, I hope you are in a better place in life.

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Being secretly in love with someone is NO excuse for bullying. There are thousands of ways for you to show your affection, yet you choose to hurt them in one of the worst ways possible.

While I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance, a bully cannot redeem themselves by declaring their love for the bullied. It’s just a way to manipulate the bullied again and evade the consequences of one’s actions.

If an author thinks that it’s okay to make a bully a LI, they have clearly not been bullied themselves. :clown_face:


Bully and romance shouldn’t even be in the same sentence imo. Coming from someone who’s been bullied relentlessly as a kid, I can’t see how a bully could transform into a romantic partner, a best friend/companion who’s supposed to treat you anything but like someone who goes out of their way to harm you. Bullies should seek therapy instead, not love - They’re not ready for that, it wouldn’t be fair on themselves or the other person involved in that ‘relationship.’

And if the narrative is about a bully who’s secretly in love with the MC then frankly that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It saddens me that the bully-to-lovers trope even exists in the literary world. It puts a taint on our beloved rivals/enemies-to-lovers trope which sometimes gets mistaken for bully romances (provided it’s done right & not toxic) when it shouldn’t because enemies to lovers has an equal power play that bully romances are obviously missing.


Thank you that really means a lot :slightly_smiling_face: But i’m glad you’re in a better place too :two_hearts:

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This is a little off topic but when I was a kid probably around 11 I played with a group of kids that lived in my neighborhood and this one kid had a 5 year old little sister who was a total sweetheart and despite how badly he treated her she still loved him more then life itself it seemed like always wanted to tag along with us and spend time with him. We never had an issue with it but he always did and acted like he hated her for some weird reason. He verbally bullied her all the time and we always said something of course but I remember one time it turned physical- it was just me, him and her and we were at a playground (it was a church playground the church was about half a mile from our neighborhood) we were gonna take turns going down this slide but she wanted to go first he kept saying no which led to her playfully cutting in front of him and he got really pissed and pushed her off the slide and instead of going down it fell off the side of it. Thankfully she didn’t get seriously injured and it wasn’t that high up but she ended up scraping both of her hands and knees up pretty bad and I remember going down and checking on her then when he walked up to us not upset that he hurt her and apologizing but mad at her because she “made him do it” that she was gonna get him in trouble and got mean with the both of us saying not to tell anyone… welp I kinda snapped and lost my temper on him ended up taking a plastic toy bat he had with him and hit him with it until it broke (keep in mind it was a light plastic hallow toy bat not a real wooden or steel bat so after two swings it was broke) and he ended up running back home crying and after that I walked her back home and explained what happened to their mom- she didn’t get mad and I never got in trouble so I can only assume she knew how he was treating her. It wasn’t my proudest moment and obviously I felt bad (still do) and regretted doing it but thankfully he didn’t get hurt but I just remember how pissed it got me that he was treating her that way and him pushing her was the last straw because he could’ve potentially killed her. He didn’t show back up for a while she did then after a while he came back and was a lot nicer to her so I can only assume he realized what he was doing was wrong and/or was starting to get help I don’t know tho.

Never been bullied but after seeing it I can only imagine how bad it is for the person who’s going through it especially if it’s at the hands of someone who’s supposed to love you.


Ok, I think it kind of depends. I like bully tropes when they only do it because they want their attention, and don’t know any other way to get it. (It’s still wrong, however). BUT, I hate it when they allow others to bully. I like it when it’s like only ‘they’ are allowed to bully the protagonist and they won’t let anyone else bully them.

BUT- there’s bullying… And then there’s abuse… There’s a huge difference.


its sooo unrealstic because it would never happen in real life and it is so toxic!

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thats definitely not normal behaviour, I hope he changed but he was abusive, everything you mention is abusive behaviour.

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