What are your thoughts on Vampire Stories

What are your thoughts on Vampires stories.

Like what are you looking more forward to happening a story.

I feel that most of them are just trying to copy Twilight


I feel like they are very common, which I do not like. The idea has been overused many times, and at this point, it’s a bit annoying. Cliche isn’t always bad, but as I said, it can be a bit annoying.


I agree with the previous comments, most use cliches and it’s not very enjoyable to read. The only “vampire” story I’ve been able to really enjoy is Immortal Blades by Miso because it’s not a traditional vampire story.

I’ve noticed that the majority of other vampire stories follow the same plot line. The whole “MC gets attacked by a rogue vampire outside a club, only to be saved by a handsome vampire that is conveniently able to control his urges” :laughing:


I know I’m bias because I have a vampire story. I just really love the fantasy genre. I like the fact that vampires have special abilities. My favorite ability is mind compulsion.

Most people overlook vampire stories. Due to the fact that some stories are very cliche. I personally read the 1st episode and then decide if I want to continue. The creativity in vampire stories are endless. Also, writing a story in LL is a plus. Due to the fangs and vampire animations.