What are your top 7 favorite stories?

not really, it’s more fantasy. I definitely recommend it :relaxed:

OK. I’ll see if I have time to check it out!

Haven’t read any of them but have heard of Rockstar In My Bed though!:grinning:

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I really recommend that story! I have a love/hate relationship with Noah because he frustrates me sometimes but he is also funny

Mine are these :hugs:

  1. Bite My Tongue by Alphan
  2. CEOs Don’t Play by Belle
  3. Ever Since New York by Lina Sofia
  4. Craving Scar by Hope Moon
  5. Finding Emerald by Sarah Kieser
  6. Mindreader by Alusza
  7. Falling for Sin by Sofía Ceri (I think the author is now rewriting it under the name Lovebird tho)
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Well, I’m just going to go with some underrated stories that I love the most! There are so much more but I’ll just stick with 7 for now.

  1. Adventure Awaits by @big_bass_boy
  2. FT: The Last Petal by @Zavi
  3. HIM by @J.episodes
  4. FT: Beauty and The Brawn by Shelly Burn
  5. FT: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf by @Kaysia.writes
  6. Magicka: Serpentine by @southampton23
  7. Reveal: Chasing Time by @Geelincee
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  • Mindreader by Alusza

  • Lifelike by Cindy

  • My Alien Lover by Anyanka

  • Behind the Wall by Khrema

  • Lucid Dream by Athlin

  • i-humanoids by Hazel

  • The Laboratory by Clara

There are so much more in my favourites.

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Second Chance - Hiding the Truth by Josie Jackson. Such an amazing story about the struggles of a LGBTQ person

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Okay, kidding! But you should definitely check them out!

I can relate. Sometimes you just get too connected with the character and hate and love them at the same time!:joy:

But, yeah I’ll check the story out in my spare time.

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I heard of Mindreader around but never actually gotten to read it…

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Ha ha ha😅 If you insist, I’ll take a look at the story in my free time.

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  1. Speak by J. Miley
  2. Under You by E.R. Gurney
  3. Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni
  4. Homewrecker by Jorimar
  5. The Lake by J. Miley
  6. The Arrangement by E.R. Gurney
  7. Iridescent by Indigo
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Oh wow, thank you so much! :pleading_face:

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Adrenaline is sooo gooood

I read My Alien Lover too! It is so amazing, isn’t it? I am still reading Life-Like currently.

Never heard of them :thinking:

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New stories written by underrated authors, :100: :sunglasses: :grin:

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I’ve heard of Adrenaline and read Under You!

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