What Art Style Do You Prefer?

So I’m writing my first story and I’m really split between the two styles, Ink and Limelight. So which do you prefer? Ink is my personal favorite, but I don’t know if I’d want to write in it because of the fact its not getting updated. LL is nice, but I feel like the art style comes off as a little generic, I mostly wanna write in LL because its constantly being updated.

Can someone give their 2 senses on this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i personally like ink better


I prefer ink because although it’s no longer being updated, it still had more clothing options which is important for me. I also prefer the animations because they’re faster to react, but in limelight the animations are kinda sloppy and slow. I still like Linelight because it has some good features like how many animations there are and how much character feature customization and difference there is.
Just my opinion :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree, I feel like Ink animations are sharp as to LL’s animations which seem slow.

I like both styles ! but i read certain styles with certain genres. I only read limelight in thriller fantasy and horror stories. For me, the animations fit perfectly with it . I read classic and ink in comedy action fantasy and adventure sometimes romance ( im not a big fan of romance and drama)

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INK is better. It’s much more stylised and interesting and lends itself much better to being an animation style. LL, on the other hand, tries to be too realistic, which makes it creepy… the eyes are too realistic, but the rest of the face isn’t, making it really weird and awkward. Everyone walks like their legs are always bent. The only good thing about LL and the reason I’m using it is the constant updates.

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Thank you! I really appreciate your perspective since you’re using LL! I’ve made my decision, I’m using Ink. <3

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i honestly prefer limelight because yay awkward characters

read blurred text above first pls (click it)

Characters that act the same way as me make me feel more comfortable. INK’s “confident” animations are nice, but some are too much for me in my opinion (so many animations put their hands on their hips, i’m talking about those that don’t have armsonhips in their names.) Another thing that disturbs me is INK’s female fainting animation. She smiles when she faints. Like for example, you want to portray her passing out from something terrible (or dying), would you smile before that happens? Only thing that i like about INK is that it kinda has more clothing options.

please dont kill me for having a different opinion or terrible vocabulary

Use both. It can be done

You can have your own opinion on anything, right or wrong. Even if people disagree.

Yeah, I can understand why you enjoy LL more. I personally love LL’S hairstyles much more than Inks. I can also understand the animation thing, some of the animations for Ink are wonky. I’d say the first batch of Ink animations and the last batch of Ink animations released were the wonkiest.

I’m still gonna write in Ink though, I just prefer it. Also, I learned how to script in Ink, so whenever I script in LL I get confused cause I don’t know the names of any animations. :joy:

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Honestly though, I might switch it to LL. LL has so much variety, it already has more animations then Ink!

I don’t know if you know this yet, but if you go to the art catalog, there’s something called “Animations” there. You can find animations there and you can also preview them. You can click on the animation name to copy it. Just a tip though.

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Oh gee, thanks so much. Sorry if this is a little personal, do you have a story and if so is it written in LL?


Can I have the name? For purposes.

For now, it’s called “That One Story”. I’ll probably change it when i can finally understand what the story plot could be.

I see, take your time perfecting everything & PM me when it comes out so I can be the first to read it.

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Actually, if u ask me, I prefer LL, not because ink is bad or anything but LL is in the middle of attention now and I think people would give it a chance if it was in LL. Still, my oponion

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I love ink because a) the limelight options are too limited and the characters look quite similar b) the limelight males look really awkward and c) ink has more clothing options