What Art Style Do You Prefer?

Nobody is probably with me but I prefer Limelight, i just like the outfits and characters better

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It depends on which you want to prioritize. I like Ink’s cartoony stylization and much more expressive animations, but I’ll admit I like Limelight’s clothes a lot (even if the characters look a bit overly airbrushed for my taste). Limelight also has better features in the way of diversity, such as monolids, so that’s also something to consider.

I prefer limelight, but most readers like ink so your story probably has a better shot at becoming popular if it’s in ink. Although, I am writing my first story in limelight lol. I also think that some art styles suit some genres more than others. Ink’s animations make it great for action and comedy, and it’s look suits fantasy a lot too.