What art updates do you wanna see more of?

Let’s choose the art update(s) we love, so hopefully, Episode would release more of them! :heart::heart:

  • Clothing Release :fire:
  • Prop Release :selfie:t2:
  • Background/Overlay Release :night_with_stars:
  • Music Release :headphones:
  • Animation Release :dancer:t2:
  • Body Features Release :mermaid:t2:

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Please refrain from choosing everything on the list; I know you would want everything, I do too! :pleading_face: But one or two choices would be lovely!

Love x
Jihi :two_hearts:


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Ink updates

INK- all of the above :rofl:

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@Jubels @Aleenab I get the sentiment but I think INK is pretty much dead at this point , I can’t recall the post but it’s already been announced that they aren’t doing any new releases and what we have now is probably everything that can be released.

@Melani3 Am I right on this or…?

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We definitely need more noses and eyes because I feel like character’s are starting to look the same.


You’re right maybe even more lips

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Yeah, they said that they can’t/won’t do any more INK updates, because they streamlined the art process with Limelight to make it 10x easier. They compared it to Disney movies, the way people don’t make them by drawing each frame anymore, it’s all CGI, the difference between 1950 Cinderella and 2016 Moana. :woman_shrugging: So INK will never be deactivated, just that it’s very difficult to make new things, if it’s even possible rn at all.

But anyway, as for the poll, I’d love to see more neutral, subtle, or mildly negative emotions. Talk_explain_neutral is one of the only talk animations where the character is neither visibly sad nor visibly happy. My story has an entire episode where a character is explaining something very serious, so I couldn’t use any of the happy animations like talk_neutral. It was a pain.

Look at this smiling mf


Episode, if you’re reading this, here are some ideas you can use for free, no credit needed:
talk_conceal (ie. character is visibly hiding surprise, fear, etc, maybe neutral with a subtle side-eye)
talk_serious (serious but not necessarily sad, think police officer on the job)
talk_determined (think chin held high)
talk_empathetic (eg. “I know, I know it’s hard, but we can get through it.”)
facepalm_exhausted (even something like talk_exhausted without the mouth moving)
think_torn (eg. “Oh god… how could I possibly pick?” I picture this one with forehead in hands, but that might tilt the head too much, idk)
idle_serious_loop (again, idle but not smiling but not sad either, think soldier/guard standing at their post)
idle_conceal_loop (see conceal above)

And while I’m at it, a sadder crying animation in Limelight would be great, if the program supports it.