What art version should I write my story in?


I low key hate ink but I don’t know if I should write my first story in ink or limelight sooooo likeeeeeee if anyone can advice one to me please feel free to do sooooo byeee sistersssss


I would say go with LimeLight because INK is no longer being updated.

Also if you low key hate INK why is your profile picture of an INK character :joy::joy:


I find INK easier to script-write because there are way too many animations in LL lol, not that I particularly mind that but it’s kinda annoying having to look at the animation catalog then to your script back and forth.

I get that INK is no longer going to have updates and LL would be a great option because of the greater abundance of variety, but since it’s your first story, I’d say INK would be an easier style to use.

And character/ outfit making would take a while too since there are a lot of choices now in LL :joy:

It’s still your choice though.


Any style that would best fit your story. A lot of people like LL and a lot likes Ink.


If you low key hate ink, then LL is the way to go… Although I do agree with @Sanityyy in that ink is somehow just easier to code - for me I think it’s because LL needs spot directing to make the males look taller and that’s time consuming :sweat_smile:




Go with LL for sure. If you learn how to do stuff on LL, its better. INK is really easy to code but so little options.


LL is the way to go

  • Ink
  • LimeLight

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Sometimes I feel like people think ll is harder to work with because it looks more realistic than ink, so they assume it will be a difficult style to code in