What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for music recommendations?

For me i either recommend The 1975 or The Strokes lol


Sandeep khare :thinking: I don’t know his poems/poem+song give me the happy feeling :grin:


p!atd (panic at the disco)
mcr (my chemical romance)
fob (fall out boy)
top (twenty one pilots)
red hot chili peppers
smashing pumpkins


I used to be a crazy fan of FOB and P!ATD (i do listen to some of their songs occasionally)

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Nirvana, I’ve been exposed to their music from my parents.


Bohnes, Gnash and Hailee Steinfeld (and about 1000 others, but those are the ones that came to my mind right now)

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Billie eilish!

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Nirvana is a good one!

It really depends on the person asking. If I know they are open minded when it comes to music I recommend Mindless Self indulgence or Dog Fashion Disco, Twenty One Pilots and many more. If they are a bit more tame I go with the classics like Alice in Chains or other rock/grunge.

If they are into rap/hip hop I still throw MSI in along with Jay Z, Disco Rick, DMX, The O and many others.

As you can see, I grew up with mostly 90’s - 00’s influences but also grew up listening to lots of 60’s-80’s. A little fact that you don’t know about me. My father played Ringo in a The Beatles tribute band for most of my life :smiley:


There is one song by The Strokes I love - Reptilia

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twenty one pilots!

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Hmm I am a bit weird as I love such a mixed bag of bands but these are the ones I would recommend:

Yung Heazy - that dude makes some chill af songs

The Drums - loved this band since I was an early to mid teen

Tame Impala - again chill af music and damn one song is called Let it Happen - there is a bass solo that is :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Yung Bae - he is a vaporwave/future funk artist. Not sure if any of you guys have heard of future funk or vaporwave but it’s quite relaxing.

(too many Yungs already :joy::joy:)

Tiny Meat Gang - okay this is a parody group but Nick Miller can spit rhymes like no other. So much better than the mumble rap and that stuff.

30 seconds to mars (had the BIGGEST crush on Jared Leto)

Daft Punk - I love their music and so many of their songs are just pure jams.

GlassJaw - one of the albums is some really deep stuff and the singer wrote the lyrics when he was in a dark place (apparently his girlfriend cheated on him whilst he was in hospital - he has Crohn’s Disease). They are the fathers of post-hardcore so any Pierce the Veil fans this is the origins of the genre.

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Lmao “the mumble rap” I am high key old!

Anyway, another few popped in my head


Foo Fighters

I recommend the entire emo quartet if they’re looking for something different (all of my friends here listen to modern pop music :expressionless:)

I also recommend a lot of 90s and 2000s hip hop and rnb. As well as the 80s/90s classics like Whitney and Michael and Mariah.

I just listen to whatever feels good really and if I see that someone could also like the same I recommend it to them


Same! If you want to chat with some fellow emos this thread is just for that!

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Oh my god i love that song by The Strokes! i only listened to two songs by Tame Impala which is Feels Like We’re Going Backwards and The Less I Know The Better. And OOOH Daft Punk has some pretty bop music

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Generic pop music is trash imo. I also listen to 90s- early 2000’s music but not that much tbh

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I love Gorillaz

The Beatles is a great classic! my favorite song by them is Here Comes The Sun

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The Less the Know the Better changed my life :joy::joy::joy: the music vid (minus the beginning) is excellent.

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