What attracts you?


Say your searching on Amazon/in Barns & Nobles for a book. What attracts you?

  • Cover
  • Description
  • Title

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Gotta go with the description


May I ask why?


Because it gives me a brief of what’s it’s about. It edges me on my seat on what will occur during that story


All of these things are stuff I evaluate when looking for a book. But to be honest, the first thing I judge is the cover. Even if they say not to :sweat_smile:


I judge books by their titles, then their covers (those are the first things I see) then if I’m pretty compelled by either I open it up and check the descriptions.

But the description is what makes me choose to read it or not.


I don’t mind the cover. If the title intrigues me even a little bit I check out the description. Though I first evaluate the title, description plays an important role!


I’ve gotta say that reading the description is definitely the most attracting aspect of an Episode story,


im kinda tied between the cover and the description. Even though you “dont judge a book by its cover” honestly when it comes to actual books and episode stories I kinda do. If it seems that they made a lot of effort to make it look nice its a bonus point. The description is really important. If it starts with “It’s about…” that really turns me off.