What bothers you about the way boys and girls are portrayed in episode cliches

Okay so I’ve actually been getting really into all of the opinions people have about this and all of it is so validated.

Episode cliches portray female and male charcacters to be absolutely one dimensional other than a sad and unrealistic backstory and no real human issues, worries or insecurities.

The boys are portrayed to be these hot, always confident bad boys (who just for the record are only bad, because they have tattoos and lots of sex???) that have no insecurities or feelings and don’t know how to treat a girl

Girls are portrayed to be an emotional mess, of pregnancy, Stockholm syndrome and serious lack of knowledge when it comes to standing up for themselves or understanding that guys who pin you against walls (ahem when you don’t even know them) are attractive and the ideal male

Not only are the cliches just bad and one dimensional, but majority of episodes readers are kids 10-15 so it doesn’t exactly scream, healthy reading material

Maybe my opinions are too forward, but I guess that’s why I want to hear from other people

Oh and uhm before people attack me
that does not necessarily mean I’m discrediting authors for their stories - I get that some characters in stories are meant to have that kind of tone, I’m referring to the fact that it’s annoying with the characters show no development or heart


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