What can Episode do to help!

Does Episode have a professional that can help people that English is a second language or people who have learning disabilities? Surely we are in a day in age where everyone is treated equally.

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i wish this were true, but unfortunately, i don’t think we have that, yet. maybe in the future we can get some help for people who love writing, but can’t do it due to disabilities or english as a non first language. maybe you can make a portal suggestion for grammar and spelling helper?

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Pity and I think it is more that spelling and grammar, and I am sure you know what I am talking about.

yeah, i do.

Well that is what I mean, it is so unfair she isn’t getting any help. I have tried but it needs to come from higher up.

yeah, and it kind of sucks that we can’t share some sort of thing with each other from the portal to see what we’re working on, for suggestions and ideas.

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