What can I do better? [CLOSED] This wasn't what I wanted this thread to be :(

So I have recently been trying to get reads for my story by doing R4R’s and promoting and stuff.
I asked for feedback, which I love, but some of it makes no sense.
If you have read my story, or want to, what am I doing wrong?
I want to try and see what I can add or fix to keep readers reading my story because it seems like everytime someone responds, they won’t be finishing my story.
Title : Comes Back to You
Author : SmileyOcto
Genre : Drama
Style : Ink
Number of episodes : 4 (ongoing)
Brief Description : Your sister just had a baby and a month later she is missing on the “Disappearing Plane.” Now it’s your responsibility to raise her baby Sophie. Can you handle it?
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6569963001282560

Thank you so much! So please tell me what I am doing wrong? Or is it just because I’m a new author…

In all honesty R4R didn’t really work for me

I mafe friends and promoted my stories on IG

if you follow my page @hannahc.smallauthors I can promote your story there and tag you

That way your story gets seen and authors start to follow you

Thanks so much! I have been thinking about making an instgram so maybe I will get one soon!

When you do

Just message me, I’ll be your friend hun xx

what is R4R? :sweat_smile:

One person reads your story and sends screenshots and gives feedback, then the other person does the same

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It’s called Read for Read

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I just read you’re story do you wanna know what I think? and do you want me to tell you this right here or in a PM?

Pm hun xx

I’ll help you with anything you need xx :kiss:

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Pm please!

read for read it’s you read someone story and he/she read yours, after that both of you have to give a feedback of the story

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Would you do that for me aswell?
If you like my story of course. :blush:

Of course

What is your story?

Story: the assistant
Author: Lonse
Episode: 4
Style: limelight
Description: Hailey is desperate for a job. But what happens when she gets one for an arrogant singer? Will she be able to keep her job?

Link: https://episode.app.link/h7cCBb61ZS

Thank you so much! :blush:

I’ll message you after I’ve read it xx :kissing_heart:

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I dont like R4R.
Firstly because I have to read a whole bunch of stories, and as I have specific taste in them, I don’t enjoy most of them.
Secondly, do u really need these synthetic reads?
Your goal should be to create an awesome story that will be enjoyed by readers.
I find that best promotion u can do is on Instagram and participating in contests.
Also if you want to make ur story better, n u feel like u can use other people opinions, which is good, I suggest to apply your stories for reviews. Harsh reviews, because what I found most of the reviewers are too soft in their evaluation, cause probably are afraid to offend people (especially if there are R4R reviews).

That’s what I did for my stories R4R I thought was pointless…

But I will do it for anybody who asks me

Well if you feel like doing it - nothing wrong with that.

I personally feel like it’s a useless waste of my time. If I give a review, and I feel like it’s gonna be taken into account, then I make some kind of difference. But to read a few episodes, and give writers a tiny amount of happiness because they get 2-3 more reads…

I only do it when somebody asks me…

I don’t have time to read every single story.

I promote small authors on my IG page, I started it a few weeks ago by using an old account… There I help authors who haven’t got anywhere.

I got a lot of hassle a few weeks ago because I follow ‘big authors’ but I’m promoting for small authors.

I have posted on it and I will continue to do so as long as I don’t get hassle for trying to be nice…

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