What can I do to get readers?

Hi! I’m writing a story, I already have 5 chapters, but only 32 readers. What can I do to get more? :roll_eyes:

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promote your story, ask for reviews and do read for reads.
not only does it get your story higher ranking so that more people will find it, but the people who do r4r may really enjoy your story and become a loyal reader! some may also even give you a shoutout, assuming your story is good.

reviews are a great way to improve your story, because it lets you know what readers want, therefore you can adapt your story to attract more.

be patient, it takes a lot of time to get readers. <3


Thank you :sleepy:!

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no problem, and good luck

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Continuing to update will always help because your readers will likely push you higher up in the ranks.

Being active on here and on IG can also get you noticed. Especially if you use the right tags. Even putting common tags in your story’s tags will help - if you put “gang”, it means when people search gang on the app, your story will likely come up as a suggestion. It’s clickbait :smiley:


Okay, I’ll try with tags, thank you!

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Good luck :blush:

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Never give up on your story and keep updating!

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To be honest, I thought that, when someone’ll see that my story has for example 10 chapters, will think ‘oh God to many chapters and only 30 readers, this story MUST be really bad’ so I’m trying update my story really slow. I don’t know.

wow that’s genius

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I think your being too paranoid :joy: of course don’t rush it, take ur time and post whenever you want.

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Mybe I am hahaha. I just want to make some good stuff you know haha :joy:

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