What Can We Do To Help The Episode Team?


So, I’ve noticed a lot of chaos going on between the Episode Team and us. I think a lot of us are just confused about what the team does, and how they are meeting our requests. But I’ve noticed a lot of anger towards the team (all within reason), but I feel that we shouldn’t badger the team, besides making suggestions… Because, I don’t know what good it does… I think the Episode Team is aware of everything we are saying and is dealing with it, but they are a small team, and I think that it’s hard for them to try to meet our requests/demands…

@Liz, @Jeremy… etc… What can we do to help? I want to help the Episode Team in any way I can, and I hope people agree with me.

Please try to keep this thread within the guidelines, I don’t wanna cause any trouble for the forums or for the team…

I have been flagging inappropriate content… and trying to stay within topic, and I have yet to receive a single flag. I was wondering if there was anything I, or others, could do to help besides this.


I guess especially @Sydney_H would be happy if users double checked where they open a thread and if a similar one already exists.
We also should not overuse the flagging system. We can always tag a mod or send a pm if there is any confusion. Trying to talk to a mod about an issue instead of fighting things out ourselves could prevent a lot of flagging etc.
Just my suggestions. Plus let us remember that mods are not bots, but humans, too, and also a part of our community. :sunglasses:


I’m curious to know- what ever happened to that panel that was supposed to be formed?


Yes, (thought that that was something else for some reason) maybe they’re already doing it and already picked people…? I think it would be good to make that a little bigger, but I wouldn’t want to do it on video call… Privacy reasons… But I think if we set up something like that it would be good for the community… To have a select group that regularly talk to members from the episode team on the forums… or something, that would be more comfortable for me…

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Liz mentioned (months ago) that she was going to finalise the panel before she went on maternity leave and that it would start up when she gets back. I’m not sure what the status is with it now, though.

  • Not abusing the flagging system.
  • Checking for duplicate threads.
  • Unification.

Well, I hope they set it up. That would be the start of being more involved and helping out.

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I definetly want more of the community to be involved with the episode team, even if that is just talking to members on the forums… But I think the first steps we all must take are the ones listed above;
making sure that we stay on topic,
Making sure that we flag when nessasary, (I usually flag the people I notice causing the biggest problems)
Checking for duplicate threads
And remembering that we’re all humans with different opinions and views


Would anyone be interested in starting a group on the forums dedicated to making sure we stay on topic and obide by the rules? And not just us- we can help other people by letting them know that their post is off topic or thread duplicated or something…

Spreading helpfulness and kindness… :innocent:

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And it doesn’t have to be just about that… we can discuss certain topics and stuff and what we can do to help with it…

Some people might feel annoyed by this, which could cause more arguments instead of preventing them. We all can care without a posse of deputies. :wink:

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Oh no, that’s not what I was intending, we wouldn’t be mods :sweat_smile:… I just wanted to group people together that care about helping episode and the forums, people who can spread positivity and stuff… I agree that we don’t need deputies! :laughing:

I think that if such a group was made it could really help.

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Your intentions are pure and good, but I saw things like that backfire before, that’s why I stated this. Nothing against you or so. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I see how it could backfire… Sometimes people get so wrapped up in their own views… and this causes them not to see different points of view… I’m guessing that’s what happened?

I mean… we could start small with like, 3 or 4 people, and if it starts to backfire, try to fix it, and if it keeps on backfiring, end it all together…

We’d need people, like yourself, with an open minded view…

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It’s also about authority, give people power and they try to force others into a direction they like. I also did that before, noone is immune to it, it’s human nature. But if @Jeremy explicitly seconds this idea, then we could give it a try. Starting something without the team’s knowledge and allowance does not seem to be a good idea to me.

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Well, here’s the thing; I don’t want to have any power, I just want to have a team that discusses episode and the forums, and what we could possibly to do help, we’d all have to acknowlege that we have no power though, I see how it could be a bad idea…

I see whats wrong about telling other people to stay on topic and stuff, and especially making a group about it! But, it doesn’t have to be big and public…

If you want, it could just be you and me, and any other people we come across who we think could see fit.

@Jeremy, what do you think of this idea?

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I don’t have the time and energy to read through all threads, and I have no background knowledge about some things like coding etc., but I guess there are enough capable users here who would be eager to help. :sunglasses:

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I don’t either, I just basically want this group to be discussing the forums, and bring up any problems we notice, and discuss what we can do to help, and involve the mods as well, to best decide what to do to help

I want you involved, since you have prior knowledge of a group like this and I consider you a friend :sweat_smile:

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Well, let us see what they think about it, after all it’s their job, right? :grin:

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Yep, but again, I’m not planning on being a mod, I just wanna form a group of people who want to help the forums, and episode, by doing everything within the guidelines… I’m just kinda tired of not being able to help out in some way, it won’t be helping much, but I feel we’ll be able to help more as users if we call ourselves “a group”

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