What causes your anxiety in the Epsiode forums?



I have many things that cause me anxiety in the Epsiode forums.


When people take forever to reply and you just see their little PFP in the bottom.


When somebody cough cough @Days cough cough says they’ll PM you, but it takes forever


Creating a new post and nobody responds


When nobody is on a RP and you end up RPing with yourself for half an hour…

Well. I think that’s all for now. Hbu?

Your Pet Peeves?
What are your Pet Peeves

When I see ur friends are online. You pm them and they don’t respond to u they ignore you


The same things you already said, but I’d replace the second with
seeing all those forum weddings and being a single forever :joy:
(because nobody ever said they’ll pm me and I love @Days )


Oh honey you just @ me


I agree with all these :joy::joy::joy:



Love you too ma twin


coughs quietly in a corner



Love you too Livvy





Dabs in fast motion


Let’s not go off topic…’


Omg my anxiettyyyyyyy!! Hurry up with your replyyyyy

  1. Doing a r4r, there’s a huge potential of someone not reading your story. So I’m anxious for the screenshot

  2. Waiting for a story review. I have no idea if the review is going to be good or bad. That makes me hella anxious.

  3. I agree with 1 and 4 that you listed. :joy:


:joy: my bad




when your new on forums and someone freaks out that you screwed up somehow


a creator of a forum responding to everyone but you


I’m anxious that people will find my wording and my posts irritating and end up snapping at me, like “why are you so extra?” But not joke about it, just be seriously mean spirited about it. “WHY CAN’T YOU BE NORMAL?” shrill screeching


B/C I’m aware that I’m kinda weird af. I just type as I think and I reread it! I seriously do reread all my posts!! But I don’t see anything wrong with them, XDXDXD

I’m anxious no one will take me seriously just 'cause I’m… a little eclectic.


Super relatable :joy::joy::joy: