What cc features you dislike ex- nose,hair, eyes or hair, lips

I really dislike the deep narrow almond eyes on male are creepy af. What about you?

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me don’t know they all look good on all character :joy:

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Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye look weird with those clumped eyelashes hah

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I second this, they look so weird. I dont get the popularity.


I’m not sure.

It honestly depends how you customise your character because some things look ugly or weird if they don’t match the other features, but if you use features that all match, you may be able to make the character look good. Before, I used to hate the full round pouty lips but I learnt how to make a character look nice with them so now I basically only use those lips.

Theres no features that I dislike on the app but there are some I don’t use as much, I basically use the deepset downturned eyes, defined natural nose and full round pounty lips with usually only the matte colors and arched thick eyebrows the most.

Although anyone is entitled to their own opinion nobody is forced to agree with me on this.

Also sorry this is quite a bit of a read :sweat_smile:


I agree with ya , If the features are not put correctly they will look weird.I used to hate full round lips too but I don’t now.
I like Almond falsies eyes , diamond long face round upturned nose , full round pouty lips or Small heart or wide lips

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I wasn’t attacking you nor am I blind, you made the thread and I put my personal opinion same with the person underneath what I said. If you didn’t like it, you simply don’t make a thread, or just don’t comment on it, ignore it or say politely that my opinion wasn’t what you meant or something along those lines, you don’t need to get defensive over it?

I clearly put at the bottom of my other message that nobody is forced to agree with my opinion, unless you didn’t see that part I can put it in bold for you. You asked about what features people dislike and I said there aren’t really any I dislike if you’re going to get fiesty there are many other places to do that. If you ask for peoples opinion on things they are going to give them to you even if you dislike them or not…


what an odd reply to someone stating their opinion… :skull:


Chill out. That’s not nice in the slightest.


girl…cmon you asked and people replied.


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