What character tropes do you like or dislike?

Ugh, I HATE the leanon animation! It’s not romantic; it’s aggressive and a bit of a red flag for me. If it’s used in a threatening way, it works, but as a romantic move? Uuugughdhehxufhejfkfhe.


It especially looks creepy on the guys! On the girls, it looks okay, but the guys have their eyes wide open and it just—please hurt me already, sir. :joy: No need to delay for drama.


i don’t especially like this trope bc of the power dynamics going on tbh


My school had a scandal involving this earlier this year. So, uh.


(The boss got in trouble.)

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I hate bad boy tropes like I cannot handle it at all. I prefer the brylce in before us type of guy :sob:



Ah, yes, :sparkles: qUiRkY :sparkles: girls. (Speaking as a socially awkward clumsy girl, no, I have not gotten any dates by tripping over my own feet or talking in non-sequiturs.)

For me, the singer-songwriter with stage fright is overdone. There are other types of musicians and other music-related anxiety (not to discount performance anxiety, which is 100% a thing; I’m just saying that it’s done in the same way every single time without adding nuance to the trope or to performance anxiety. And it’s always overcome in the end. I imagine that’s nowhere near realistic.). For instance, a girl drummer with impostor syndrome (girl percussionists wya) is something you never see. Or a trumpet player who constantly compares himself to everyone in his section. Or a songwriter who plays something other than guitar! (No hate on singer-songwriter guitarists! It’s pretty awesome to be able to sing, play guitar, and write your own music.)

Also, I hate Episode mean girls. They have no motive. No purpose.

I also hate how Episode Originals MCs are always tHe nEW goRL like bruh you’re all college freshmen stfu. And nobody in high school really cares that much except in class. Maybe.

I can rant about Episode Original MCs, but I won’t atm.


Oh no I meant that fall in love too easily, should’ve been clearer on that lol

But yeah, overdone quirky is also why I don’t like the 11th Doctor, You can just tell they’re trying too hard to make him “Quirky”

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Character tropes I love:
Rigid, orderly, serious person who at first can’t stand the bubbly, disorganized mess eventually befriends them.

A dude with a solid friendship group that tease each other constantly

Comedy miscommunication---- where one person keeps rambling about something and the other person they are talking to thinks that they are talking about something else, and adds in their two cents about it. I always howl with laughter whenever this is done in shows, and I wanna use it as well in my story.

‘Imperfect’ love interests that have embarrassing moments and AREN’T good at everything

Character tropes I HATE:
Love interest or MC that is good at everything

Teacher x student romance

MCs/LIs that cheat on their respective partners

MC that can’t make up her mind as to which LI she loves because she has feelings for all of them

Hot mafia leader

Rich and gorgeous mean girl vs poor, plain Jane MC


I don’t know if this is considered a trope or not but I really dislike the one where MC and her love interest were childhood sweethearts- MC was troubled, had a bad home life, wanted to leave her hometown, felt she wasn’t good enough for them so as soon as she graduates from high school she does leave, breaks up with them before she leaves, they lose contact for years, MC never comes back during all that time until something tragic happens making MC come back to her hometown, they’re brought back together, weirdly enough even though the love interest always claims to “love” MC that MC is the “only one for them” that MC is “their soulmate” that “they took the breakup insanely bad” and “never got over it” yadda yadda they never try to stop MC, never try to help her with her issues that are making her want to leave, always move on insanely quick after she leaves and always have a fiancé/girlfriend when MC shows back up whereas the MC never has a boyfriend/fiancé and never moves on during that entire time (either she doesn’t get with anyone else period during all those years sexual or romantic or just has one night stands or FWB but zero romance because her heart still belongs to the love interest), the love interest’s girlfriend/fiancé is always the stereotypical jealous mean girl who threatens MC verbally physically and emotionally and tries to ruin her life and is either all talk or actually goes through with it, not surprisingly the love interest always thinks she’s a perfect angel and if MC tells him how she’s been treating her he’ll think she’s lying and is just jealous and doesn’t want him to be happy, even though all throughout the story other characters will shame MC for breaking up with the love interest make the love interest out to be this great guy and that he’s a great judge of character he’s the complete opposite, only talks to MC and suddenly “cares” about her when she comes back because she’s going through something traumatic and is just trying to be a semi decent human being not because he actually still has feelings for MC, for a good chunk of the story there isn’t even any romance between MC and the love interest it’s just us watching the love interest and his fiancé/girlfriend swoon over each other with MC being a third wheel and basically had MC not come back and him and his girlfriend/fiancé hadn’t broken up odds are they would’ve never got back together.

I dislike it because it always feels really one sided in my opinion :woman_shrugging:t2:


Long story short: almost every other romance story out there :rofl:




Mean girl trope.

Is always really mean to everyone, bullies people she sees as “beneath her”, cheats with guys she knows are in a relationship, usually is “friends” with the now (ex) girlfriend of the guy she cheated with, she ain’t loyal, thinks she’s god’s gift to the world, stabs everyone and anyone in the back if it’ll benefit her, doesn’t care about anyone expect herself but then will pull a woe is me, cry and wonder why no one likes her or wants to be with her.

“WhY dOsEn’T aNyOnE lIkE mE? :sob:
Like REALLY you don’t know? :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2:


Don’t forget the mean girl minions! And there are always, always, ALWAYYYYYYYYYS 2 of them because everyone wants to copy Mean Girls. There’s the one who’s as big of a jerk#ss as the Queen Bee and the other, stupid one who probably leaves the posse toward the end of the movie to help the plain but inexplicably attractive/likable MC.


Also remember that a lot of the time one of those minions will end up with one of the MC’s friends/best friends- even though they have literally nothing in common, have zero chemistry, the minion and the whole “mean girl” group she’s in bullied and hurt MC (his supposed “friend”), the friend is usually a great character who could do a million times better, the friend will always side with them over MC (even though MC and them have been friends for years… siding with someone you literally just met over a decades long friend cause LoGiC), the minion is either a complete airhead with zero personality who acts like a literal child or is just as nasty at the lead mean girl is which is conveniently always glossed over and her disgusting actions excused and forgiven because “aWh RoMaNcE” :rofl:


I’m not familiar with that side of the trope…goes to show which part of Episode I read


Oh, and the mean girl pulls ridiculous stunts that don’t happen in actual high schools but gets away with it even though LITERALLY EVERYONE KNOWS SHE DID IT. The administrators don’t go to work, apparently :roll_eyes:

If anything, the MC gets in trouble.

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I don’t know if this one was already said but the main girl suddenly becoming “hot” after a makeover. Ugh, it’s annoying and usually it’s just like no glasses and straightened hair :joy:


Yeah I hate that too haha or when everyone staff included knows the mean girl is bad and that MC was just protecting herself but they still expel her and do nothing to mean girl either just because or because the mean girl’s daddy is rich donates money or is in some other position of power :rofl:

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But glasses are the best :weary:

That trope is so stupid imo.

Yeah, she just HAS to be rich and only wear pink :roll_eyes:


oof yeah those stories are always superficial asf :upside_down_face: like someone’s only “valuable” if they look good :woman_facepalming:t2:

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