What characteristics do you like in a MAFIA story?

So I am writing a Mafia story and I have so many misconceptions about them that at this point I am confuse what is correct and what is wrong.
So I want to know from you guys what do you like in a mafia story or in a normal story.

Some points i want to know

  • What can possibly be the Mafia leader/boss’s characteristics?
  • What do you think the mc should do when she knows about the mafia leader?
  • How does the mafia boss react with people and and his family?

I would love to know your opinion about mafia stories and I want to know what you guys like or dislike in these stories as i heard many of u think mafia stories become cliche,which I definitely don’t want my story to be.

Sorry if u think something is wrong with this thread and plz correct me if I am wrong.



Tips from someone who does not like mafa stories. You should avoid putting the story in the romance genre, there are too many already in this genre and it gives off the idea that the mafa is cute and romantic. The best place to find advice is in the Italian characters thread. Most stories that involve the mafa have an Italian LI who is tan and has a soft side and the people who run the thread will disagree with you. They are serverly affected by the mafa so even if you are not using and Italian character they will tell you what they know about it.
For your character I would say make them as they are. Evil. Don’t make them have a soft side because they don’t make them as realistic as possible.
The MC should fear for her life. No “I knew this was wrong but he is hot” lines. Get out of there girl they are disgusting old men not young handsome bachelors.


Make it realistic. Here’s some thing to avoid:

  1. They know everything. There’s not going to be a call that surprises them with “Oh, the warehouse blew up” or “Oh, my mother went missing.” They have eyes and ear everywhere.
  2. Respect is everything in a gang. Respect keeps you alive. If respect the boss, they’ll look out for you.
  3. Not everyone’s family is dead. They have parents. Again, they have eyes and ear everywhere. They’d know if their family was going to be attacked.

Of course, there are more, I just don’t have time to write them :joy:
Steer clear of cliches and read all of episode’s mafia stories, that’s how you find out what to avoid.


So, u need to present it properly. Not romantic. Not hot. Disgusting & brutal. The MC who gets involved w the mafia is not innocent & the mafia leader is certainly not innocent. No matter if he’s hot. Mafia is fine as long as it’s not romanticize. For example having ur Li in the mafia is romanticizing it. That’s that. So, if u wanna write a mafia story abt an Italian mafia this thread has good info on that.

I also recommend looking into what the mafia r so u understand y it shouldn’t b romanticized. Anyway, as long as it’s not a romance between a mafia member n someone then it’s fine to include it, as long as it’s seen as bad, illegal n disgusting. :relaxed:


Question for @bakedpotato @scarlettm @aria_writes

I understood what u guys are trying to say. But if all mafia leaders are old then in some stories i saw that like their children take over. so they are young. maybe not like the hot boy we imagine but they are young. So can we use it that Way?

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Don’t have them be 18-25, they will be older. If you do the math and figure, okay their parents were 30 when they were born and they retire when they’re 65, they will be 35 already.

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yes the mafia leader in my story is alraedy 30 and gonna be 31 soon
and he was already married and has a child
but they divorced

now i understand why u say the mc should not love the boss but my mc is the boss’s cousin and it is basically a love story betwween cousins. Now some might have a problem with cousins falling in love. And i Have already faced it.
That’s why I am changing almost everything in my story…

like I’m so confused idk if i should continue the story!


Legally, you’re not allowed to marry your cousin (I live in the US, not sure about other countries.)

Maybe try to use the same characters, but have her as the cousin of his second in command.


i didn’t undrstand

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So use the same characters as you were going to use from the original idea, but alter the storyline a bit. Of course, if you want to keep the original storyline, go ahead, but warning, you are going to get a good amount of backlash.


okay i get it
thanks for the advice.

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There is a series on BuzzFeedVideo about an ex mob boss. It is interesting if you want to check it out. Apparently this guy was a part of that lifestyle and now he educates people on his old lifestyle. He said he joined young but he was definitely not the stereotypical pretty mob boss.

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ok thanks for the suggestion, i’ll check it out.

but what do u like in a mafia story?

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In all honesty, I stopped reading mafia stories because they all had the same plotlines:
Unexpected meeting, love at first sight, someone gets shot, they get married, “it was a bumpy road but I found my true love”
Arranged marriage, hate each other, learn to love, someone gets shot, happily ever after
Strong female MC hates LI, they learn from each other to love, they get married, ad the same ending as all the others.

I don’t know what I want to see in a story because nobody has shown me.


ok i get it

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Firstly, they take over when their father dies. So they’re probably gonna b old by then. And secondly ‘the hot boy’ pls look into this, bc they kill loads, sell drugs & commonly, sex traffic. How is that hot? Also, if u look up previous leaders of the bratva, u’ll see they’re all violent & disgusting. Also, nobody who carries out the illegal activity of the mafia can b hot. Period. :relaxed:


I would love to see mafia story where for once the bad guys get what they deserve and end up in jail.

So MC being undercover officer in mafia and so.

I literaly cant stand the MC being good normal girl and just because she loves him she doesnt mind that he is killer or drug dealer… huh… Sorry I am because of this realy disliking mafia stories, they are usualy so toxic making criminals and the whole mafia look romantic and like something cool to be part of.:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


I’m actually planning a story like this :joy:


Exactlyyy. Joining the mafia is a life sentence of killing, dealing & torturing. I hate how romance apps make it look cool to be ‘his girl’. Ugh. I wish we could put an end to the romanticizing of it :woman_facepalming:t3: