What color braces should i get?

hi everyone im getting braces this april and i just wanted some suggestions on what color i should get.

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peach and white
grey and white
teal and white

idk what else xD

  • do colors that cooperate w/ each other, or like match.


This is unrelated but I once got the nastiest retainer ever- it was my friend’s favorite color- bright nasty green. Don’t repeat my mistake!
Get something you think would match you- and that you can show off to your family- and that you’re okay with getting food on :joy:

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thx for the advice

what do u eat??? BC i’m Indian so i eat curry and it stained my brace color thingies. i usually get teal green or purple. also be mindful usually cant get 2 colors i only got when it was XMAS so i get red and green.

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im from jacksonville FL and my family eats everything, unless were allergic to it

u can get any color u like<3

ok im thinking about getting red,purple,baby blue,or baby pink

Purple is super cute :joy: yellow looks like type grillz from a distance. I have my retainers on so it’s sorta what suits you ps. Don’t get black or dark green it’ll look like you have spinach in your teeth and black will look like your teeth dirty

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should i get rosegold braces with white color bands

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Don’t get a colour that people are going to tease you about. Like I know all that talk about ‘don’t let people hold you back’ but honestly, it’s better if you just don’t have to go through it. The colours you suggests would be fine, just don’t get like, snot green :rofl: choose something you will feel comfortable in.

anything BESIDES clear, please don’t get those after awhile they start to get really gross (at least in my experience).

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